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Burger King's Yumbo hoagie is back - USA TODAY
Burger King's Yumbo Is Back β€” Retro Ham And Cheese Sandwich Is Groovy, Can Ya' Dig It? The Inquisitr.

New chain restaurant offerings
Here are some new offerings, some for a limited time.... Content Preview This content is exclusive for Newsday digital access and home delivery subscribers and Optimum Online customers. It sometimes seems like the fast-food and fast-casual restaurants of.

5 popular fast-food items making a comeback
Burger King announced that the Yumbo β€” a hot ham-and-cheese sandwich that debuted in 1968 and was taken off the menu in 1974 β€” was making a limited time comeback. The current iteration of the Yumbo costs $3.69 and comes loaded with 490 calories and 24.

New offerings at chain restaurants - amNY
Yumbo . This Burger King sandwich, which originally debuted in the '70s, is making its return. With ham ... Burger King's chicken fries returned, for a limited time, on Aug. ... The drink includes cane sugar; a 16-ounce serving clocks in at 100 calories.

5 popular fast-food items making a comeback - MarketWatch
This week, McDonald's MCD, +0.24% announced that it would be bringing back Chicken Selects β€” its β€œpremium” chicken fingers β€” after removing them from its menus in February 2013. The Chicken Selects β€” which were first introduced in 1998 and became&nbsp.

Yumbos aren't just for dumbos
Dean: "If I want a Whopper, I'll go to Burger King. If I want a ham sandwich, I'll go to Honey Baked Ham." Clearly, there's no accounting for tastes. But if you're counting calories, BK's website reports 490 of them in one Yumbo - and a whopping 1,770.

Burger King's Yumbo makes a comeback
Burger King's Yumbo makes a comeback Can you say, Yummmmm-bo! If you fancy the hippie era, 70's rock 'n roll, and yummy, belly-filling sandwiches, here's a bit of fast-food news: Burger Check out this story on azcentral.com: http://azc.cc/1zQ9der.

Review: Burger King's Yumbo turns out to be more like yum-meh - INFORUM
The Yumbo is not without its merits. By Burger King standards, it comes in lower on the scale in calories from fat (210) and total fat (24g) than many other sandwiches, including the Big Fish Sandwich with tartar sauce. Just don't look at the amount of.

Burger King's uninspired Yumbo may give sandwiches a bad name
This week, I reached out for a Yumbo Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich - hey, 1974 called and it wants my school lunch sack back - at America's No. 2 burger barn, Burger King, with 7,360 restaurants across, up and down this country. TV's bubbly cooking gal Rachael.

Drive-thru review: You'll get hooked on Burger King's Spicy Big Fish Sandwich
The Spicy Big Fish is part of Burger King's "2 for $5" menu, which includes the Big King Burger, Original Chicken Sandwich, regular Big Fish Sandwich and the Yumbo Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich. Mixing and matching is permitted. Bottom line: The Spicy Big.

Honest Burger King employee finds Whopper stash of $100K (and baggie of drugs) in backpack and hands it in - Daily Mail
An honest assistant manager of a Burger King found an abandoned backpack stuffed with cash while cleaning tables late last month and rather than keep it, notified her manager. Sahista Bakawla waited for the bag's owner to come back to the San Jose,&nbsp.

8 fast-food menu items that signal desperate times - MarketWatch
Consumers are losing their appetite for fast food β€” and the chains are making sometimes stomach-churning attempts to keep them happy. According to a survey of more than 5,000 consumers released this month by the University of Michigan's American&nbsp.

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