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Vegan movie claims eating eggs bad as smoking - The Australian
Netflix promotes What the Health as an examination of “the link between diet and disease, and the billions of dollars at stake in the healthcare , pharmaceutical and food industries”. In its notes for viewers it describes the film as “provocative” but.

Good Vegan, Bad Vegan - New York Times
I have no argument with people who adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet for health , religious, environmental or ethical reasons. But I object vehemently to proselytizers who distort science or the support for dietary advice offered to the more than 90.

Men who go vegetarian more likely to have serious depression - Food Safety News
Mental health benefits and risks of vegetarian diets are subjects about which little is known, according to the article . The authors are Joseph R. Hibbein of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Rockville, MD, and Kate Northstone, Jonathan Evans.

Expert BLASTS Article Claiming That Vegan Diet Leads To Blindness - Plant Based News
A health expert has blasted an article claiming that plant-based diets could lead to blindness. A Daily Star piece titled ... commitment to animals." The article also describes veganism as a trigger for orthorexia - an unhealthy preoccupation with.

Being Vegetarian Is Bad For Your Health?? New Study Finds Meat-Free Folks Are Less Healthy Than Meat-Eaters!
Remember when we said that jogging might actually be bad for your health?? Well now vegetarianism has been outed as not all that healthy after all! New research has found that vegetarians are generally less healthy and have a worse quality of life than.

Where do we stand on soy? - CNN
Soy contains a naturally occurring estrogenic compound called isoflavone, which seems to have stirred a storm of confusion around how soy impacts public health . "Isoflavones are considered phytoestrogens. In other words, plant estrogens," said Dr. Omer&nbsp.

Vegetarian diets really DO lower your cholesterol - Daily Mail
Vegetarians generally eat more greens, fruits and nuts which means they have a lower intake of saturated fat, researchers found. These foods are naturally rich in components such as soluble fibre, soy protein, and plant sterols (a cholesterol found in.

What You Should Know About the Pro-Vegan Netflix Film 'What the Health'
The recent pro-vegan Netflix documentary ... all animal foods. TIME fact-checked the film. Here are four things that What the Health got wrong—and what it got right. The documentary claims that eating an egg a day is as bad for your life expectancy.

Why we fell for clean eating - The Guardian
But the “clean” diet that Younger was selling as the route to health was making its creator sick. Far from being super- healthy , she was suffering from a serious eating disorder: orthorexia, an obsession with consuming only foods that are pure and perfect.

If you want to lose weight, dropping that meat may help - Washington Post
Scientists have found that people on plant-based diets tend to be more health -oriented than the rest of the society: Vegans drink less, smoke less and tend to exercise more. Yet experiments in .... Vegetarian diets are healthy , but they don't help you.

Indians are eating too much meat and it's bad for us
This has led to a widespread rekindling of interest in vegetarianism. In some countries ... with a clear aim of ensuring health for citizens, is not a bad idea at all. I feel the stakes are too high. Proactive steps taken by authorities can actually.

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