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4 "Unhealthy" Snacks That Are Approved (and Eaten) by a Nutritionist
We've all heard experts tell us that we shouldn't be eating junk food, but the thought of another rice cake is ... She also adds in some vegan protein powder to make it a balanced meal that could start any guilt-free morning. Beyond snacking, it's also.

4 Ecommerce Blog Post Templates To Build Traffic For Your Store
Blogging is one of the best and lowest-cost ways to generate traffic and sales for your store, so “write a blog post” is firmly planted ... You could round up a list of ten great vegan recipes for holiday events, which would be a seriously helpful.

We tried a food-delivery system that’s about to blow up the healthy-fast-food scene — and it was shockingly good
The startup's goal is to get people to think differently about healthy food by making it as convenient as fast food. Customers simply press a button on one of the machines — which Bounahmidi calls "cupboards" — and out comes a vegan snack or meal in a.

Soul Food Junkies: Documentary Explains Why I Veganize Food
Soul Food Junkies is an informative ... I could call my blog "still trying to be the best vegan but not there yet...at all" to be honest. Changing your lifestyle when it's focused on food isn't easy - I blog for those of you that think transition into.

3 Healthy And Hearty Vegan Soup Recipes
but THREE awesome soups that you can add to your vegan recipe arsenal: Detox Green Soup, White Quinoa Chili, and Roasted Red Pepper + Tomato Quinoa Soup. All of these soups are easy to make and are sure to satisfy all your fall comfort food cravings.

Starbucks Now Offers Gluten-Free, Vegan Cupcakes in Florida!
Even though we’re not in Florida, however, we still know how to satisfy our vegan cupcake cravings… Don’t let location prevent you from making your own plant-based cupcake at home! Here are some favorite recipes, courtesy of the Food Monster App.

Vegans are angry that this alternative health food company is promoting full-fat milk
Vegetarians and vegans in the UK are up in arms against an alternative health food brand after it promoted ... customers is an anti-vegetarian and anti-vegan rant from co-founder Camilla Barnard. In a blog post dated 26 September, which resurfaced.

Vegan Food & Drink Festival Serves Over 35,000
Ecorazzi’s Vegan Food & Drink Festival proved third time’s a charm with 2017 marking our third season of events landing in three major cities. With a highly curated list of vendors in each, the shows drew a record numbers of vegan and vegan curious guests.

Going vegan in a food paradise
but a junk vegan diet of burgers and fries is still unhealthy Going vegan is not for everyone, but for people keen to adopt such a diet, it may seem like an uphill task in a food paradise like Singapore. However, buoyed by a global trend, vegan dishes have.

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Marnely Rodriguez-Murray is the author of the food blog Cooking with Books. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, she has worked as an overnight bread baker in Colorado and a chocolate maker in Virginia. She currently resides.

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