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Myths and facts about veganism - Financial Times
Dr Denise Robertson, reader in nutritional physiology at the University of Surrey and a vegan for four years (for ethical reasons), explains: “You can get really good vegan diets and really diabolical ones. Some unhealthy foods, like chips and crisps.

Debunking What the Health, the buzzy new documentary that wants you to be vegan - Vox
What the Health is part of a genre of food documentaries (and diet books) that selectively analyze nutrition research to demonize particular foods and praise a particular diet. In this case, Andersen cherry-picks studies about nutrition and often.

By Chloe Chef Ousted For 'Gross Negligence' of Vegan Fast-Casual Company - Eater NY
Meanwhile, Wasser just wants people to know that she is committed to keeping By Chloe the same vegan restaurant that it's always been. Since news broke about the split, people in the vegan community have allegedly been sending Wasser and ESquared death.

This powerful new Netflix diet documentary will turn every meat-lover vegan - Metro
No joke. I watched What The Health on Netflix this week and immediately cut meat out of my diet the following day. I'm not saying I'm a fully-fledged vegan now, but I'm definitely committed to trying the 30-day challenge after seeing all the.

The seemingly healthy dishes on new vegan menus at high street restaurants that contain a THOUSAND calories (and ... - Daily Mail
There are more than half a million vegans in Britain, and that number is rising everyday - making a plant-based diet one of the nation's fastest growing lifestyle choices. It's why this month several of the country's biggest chain restaurants have.

Juicing. Coconut Oil. What to watch out for in the latest food fads - Miami Herald
“If we're confused about whether we should be eating coconut oil or not, our teenagers are as well, and they're particularly vulnerable,” said Marina Chaparro, a registered dietitian for Memorial Healthcare System's Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.

PETA's Detroit vegan campaign draws charges of racism from Sam Riddle - Detroit Metro Times
Yes, many Detroiters have done a lot of good work promoting dietary education, food security, and self-determination in Detroit, but you wonder how connected somebody like Davidovich is to that struggle. The message that veganism promotes health should.

Vegetarian diets can lead to higher risk of heart disease, finds study - The Independent
Vegetarian food has been widely proclaimed to be healthier than a traditional 'meat and two veg' diet. However, cardiologists have warned some vegetarian food can be just as bad for you after a study found eating a lot of sweet food and drink, refined.

Soul Food Junkies: Documentary Explains Why I Veganize Food
Soul Food Junkies is an informative ... I could call my blog "still trying to be the best vegan but not there yet...at all" to be honest. Changing your lifestyle when it's focused on food isn't easy - I blog for those of you that think transition into.

Vegan Menu Options Added to 35 LA Schools in 2018
The pilot program began after 14-year-old Lila Copeland successfully campaigned for vegan lunches to be offered throughout the district. The program was so successful that Food Services Director ... much all sorts of unhealthy melted cheeses thrown.

Why do so many eating disorder survivors turn to veganism as part of their recoveries? - Metro
I hasten to point out here: veganism does not cause eating disorders. Poor mental health causes disordered eating, not an ethical stance on animal products. As we've said before, many vegans are just as unhealthy – or more unhealthy – than omnivores.

Going vegan in a food paradise
but a junk vegan diet of burgers and fries is still unhealthy Going vegan is not for everyone, but for people keen to adopt such a diet, it may seem like an uphill task in a food paradise like Singapore. However, buoyed by a global trend, vegan dishes have.

The Ultimate Vegan's Guide to Chocolate Desserts (Recipes & Techniques) - HuffPost
Mmmm, chocolate! Chocolate often gets a bad reputation for being unhealthy and something to be avoided, but the right kinds of chocolate in moderation can actually be quite good for you. In a previous blog , we talked about how dark chocolate in its.

Story About Kylie Jenner “Struggling With Pregnancy Food Cravings” Is Made-Up
A new story promising “exclusive” details about how Kylie Jenner is “struggling with pregnancy food cravings ... too much or gaining unhealthy weight.” It should be noted, this supposed scoop is coming from the same blog that spent months.

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