Unhealthy Obsession Esdeath And Tatsumi

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Tatsumi Kimishima Confirms That Nintendo Direct Will Return, With "At Least One" This Year
Takashi Mochizuki of The Wall Street Journal was at Nintendo's financial results press conference and has reported the Nintendo President and CEO - Tatsumi Kimishima - as saying the following. Good news! Nintendo CEO Kimishima says Direct is alive.

BioWare Announces New IP, Anthem
Here’s a brief teaser of BioWare’s next big new game, a brand new intellectual property called Anthem. Not much to say just yet, but EA says we’ll see more of it at Microsoft’s press conference tomorrow.

Section23 Films Announces May Releases
SYNOPSIS: The first wave of madness that consumed the town of Hinamizawa in 1983 may be finished, but the nightmare is far from over as the time loops that have ensnared the populace continue to wreak carnage and mayhem. As the survivors struggle to cope.

Akame ga KILL!
Not been a fan of Esdeath and her obsession with Tatsumi so far? Then you are probably not going to be a fan of this episode, either, as this is The Esdeath and Tatsumi Show in its most concentrated form; in fact, beyond brief scenes at the beginning and.

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