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15 Incredible Benefits of Guava Leaf Tea - NDTV
Japan has approved guava leaf tea as one of the foods for specified health uses to help with the prevention and treatment of diabetes. The compounds in the tea help regulate blood sugar levels after meals, by inhibiting the absorption of two types of.

Swapping one vice for another? Ex-smokers who end up becoming ADDICTED to nicotine gum - Daily Mail
My childhood was peppered with my father's euphemisms for smoking. Every evening after our family meal, he'd get up from the table and inform us he was 'just going to check on the weather' — or 'the oven', or even 'a giraffe' he had apparently seen in.

City doctors list out the harmful side-effects of smoking to help you kick the butt - India Today
Delhi's doctor's talk about the most common form of tobacco intake, and offer advice on how to quit the unhealthy habit. Karishma Kuenzang | Posted by Shreya Goswami. [email protected] June 5, 2017 | UPDATED 12:23 IST. A +A.

Revealed: Whether green, brown or red, what the colour of your PHLEGM says about your health - Daily Mail
And as revolting as they are, these gooey substances do reveal important clues about your health. Dr Sarah Brewer, a GP, says both can provide telltale signs of how well your body is coping with a cold or respiratory infection. 'The fact you have a.

A healthier flatter tummy in just SIX weeks: The secrets of feeling great - and losing weight - by keeping your ... - Daily Mail
I've spent the past 30 years researching and writing about how eating the right foods can boost our outer beauty and inner wellbeing, and help us look younger and leaner, feel better and live stronger. Yet my new book, The Good Gut Guide, is without a.

How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently
You should avoid using chewing gums with sugar as sugar ferments the bacteria thus leading to a worse condition. In the same way, you should avoid consuming drinks with sugar in it. Another quick way to cure bad breath is by cutting down on tea or coffee.

Why burning trendy scented candles in your home is dangerous for your health by filling the air with dust and fungus ... - Daily Mail
39;Our primary goal was to figure out what's happening in houses that leads to higher air particle levels and, in turn, to unhealthy environments for kids,' said study coauthor John Bellettiere. For the ... The monitors continuously scan the air for fine.

How to Get Rid of Cavities: 5 Amazing Home Remedies - NDTV
It is important to note that, both the cause of cavities and its treatment lies in our hands. Our diet forms an essential component of our well being and any change in one's diet or following an unhealthy diet regularly is one of the most common causes.

6 Amazing Benefits of Chewing Neem Regularly - NDTV
different biologically active compounds. Each part of the tree, be it the leaves, twigs, bark, seeds, root, fruits or flowers, is used in traditional Ayurvedic treatment for multiple issues ranging from inflammation, fever infection, skin disease.

I treated my GUT to cure my eczema: Woman who swapped milk for kefir and bread for brown rice says the diet transformed her skin in just 7 days
Science is showing that the effects of kefir are profound and can halt eczema and a whole host of other auto-immune diseases - according to ... There needs to be a balance among the good and bad bugs in our microbial community, as an imbalance knocks.

Ayurvedic Drug Poisoning: Don't Buy Drugs Blindly in Search of Natural Cures - NDTV
The ancient Indian practice of medicine , known as Ayurveda, has long been credited as a great alternative treatment for various health problems. It makes use of different kinds of natural herbs and medicinal plants that are said to not have side.

From tooth whitening to bad breath: Here's the answer to all your possible oral queries - India Today
Complain of toothache and everyone from your grandmother to the enthusiastic colleague will bombard you with questions like, "Are you brushing at least twice a day?", "Are you using a quality brush?", "Do you lack vitamin C?" and many more.

'Bodega,' the start-up that wants to kill mom-and-pop shops, is a very bad idea
It's also a bad one. Though community stores' idiosyncrasies will keep ... machines allowed people to buy products from stamps and postcards to Tutti-Frutti gum. When credit-card scanners made their way onto vending interfaces in the early 2000s, vending.

Health expert hits out at preachy new documentary available on Netflix which urges viewers to turn vegan 'to survive ... - Daily Mail
39;And there's nothing wrong with being vegan,' she explained. 'But it is just as possible to be unhealthy when you are vegan as it is when you are eating animal products.' She also said when they did speak with doctors at the American Diabetes.

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