Unhealthy Facts About Diet Coke

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Coca-Cola Needs A Diet
Source: Coca-Cola Sugary drinks and Coke in particular are being attacked as being unhealthy and this has led to some volume ... Coke has become fat and needs a diet. Cutting cost and focusing on premium products can increase profits even when volumes.

Coca-Cola launches new no sugar variety — but is it any healthier? - 9Coach (blog)
On the face of it, so-called diet soft drinks seem like a smart alternative to the regular kind — they have few or no calories, so should be impossible for them to make you pack on any extra kilos, right? Sadly, that logic doesn't quite follow through.

So there IS a difference! What makes Diet Coke distinct from Coke Zero Sugar (and it's all down to a single chemical) - Daily Mail
But with two zero-calorie options to choose from, is there really a difference between Diet Coke and the re-branded Coca-Cola Zero Sugar? It turns out there is a subtle difference between these two sugar-free beverages - and it's all down to a single.

Just how bad are things really for Donald Trump? - Spectator.co.uk
Scoop: Trump's comms director leaving White House Axios.

Don't believe that viral Diet Coke infographic - Business Insider
Revealed: How a can of DIET Coke makes your body store fat, rots teeth and affects you in the same way as cocaine ... Daily Mail.

Is LaCroix Actually Healthy? - STACK News
There are currently twenty varieties of LaCroix on the market, and they all share the same immaculate nutrition facts : zero calories, zero sugar, zero sodium, zero carbs, zero grams of fat. The ingredients list ... Diet sodas such as Diet Coke are also.

Coke No Sugar uses aspartame - so is it safe? - Newshub
quot;Coke with sugar in it is bad for you. Sugary drinks have ... The sweeteners in Coke No Sugar, just like Coke Zero and Diet Coke , are aspartame - listed on the can as sweetener 951 - and acesulfame potassium, otherwise known as sweetener 950 or 'Ace K&#39.

Know the facts about healthy cholesterol
Levels of good and bad cholesterol vary based on a variety of factors, including lifestyle and diet. • “Bad” Cholesterol: Low-density lipoproteins are known as “bad” cholesterol because too much in the bloodstream can narrow and clog arteries.

The Truth About Seattle's Proposed Soda Tax and its Ilk - Reason (blog)
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who proposed the city's tax earlier this year, later expanded it to include diet sodas , which he characterized as a way of, er, fighting white privilege. The mayor's actions came after a racial-equity analysis revealed what.

Diet Coke Is Not as Bad as Everyone Seems to Think
In her piece, d'Entremont completely debunks some myths (Diet Coke does not deaden your tastebuds and it will not cause you to develop depression or diabetes) and points out the problems with other supposed "facts" about diet soda—for example.

Study Suggests Link Between Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain - wnep.com
Artificial Sweeteners Don't Help People Lose Weight, Review Finds NPR.

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