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Rob Kardashian has shed about 50 pounds since meeting Blac Chyna, 27, who he proposed to on Monday. And the 29-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star hopes to get rid of another 50 pounds. He has admitted his current weight is just over 248&nbsp.

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And Kim Kardashian has now sparked rumours that she is trying for baby number three after mysteriously sharing a fan's post about hoping to get pregnant. The 35-year-old reality star announced she has designed a children's clothing line with her.

Foods That Help You Sleep
If you're already eating a balanced diet every day, you shouldn't have much trouble making little adjustments to your diet to get more sleepy-time nutrients, as they are present in a lot of common food items. If you're still particularly bad at sleeping.

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Between all the breaking news alerts, heartbreaking Facebook feeds, and a seemingly endless flood of negative Twitter tirades, I’ve feel like I’ve consumed enough bad news to last a ... better care of yourself like eat right, exercise, sleep well.

I Think About This a Lot: Baby Jessica, the Baby Who Fell Into a Well
I Think About This a Lot is a series dedicated to private memes: images, videos ... next to a fantastic tome about a seeing-eye dog named Buddy who got to eat a stick of butter for his birthday. (In addition to small humans, I also loved dogs and butter.

Inside Milktoberfest: The Mormon Alternative to Oktoberfest
Also on offer was a "funniest meme competition," the still-to-be-determined winner ... sugar is used within the community for all manner of social events. But, with unhealthy eating habits contributing to far more deaths each year than the other vices.

Inside Alicia Silverstone's Son Bear's 3rd Birthday Bash - People Magazine
And you can clearly see in one of the pictures he's wearing a plaid shirt, the T-shirt from the other pics is probably an undershirt, or spare they brought for him to get dirty in playing with the animals and dirt and eating cake and all of that. If.

The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Two: The Seven Deadly Sins of Technical Analysis
You eat the body but leave the tail and the head ... doing it or just keep blithely throwing your money down the toilet. Emotions will screw you up bad in trading. They make you delusional. You need to ignore these delusions and focus.

Billy Corben to Roast Miami City Commissioners: "I'm Going to Eat [Them] Like a Bag of Doritos"
For the past decade, Twitter has brought us breaking news, celebrity gossip, and memes upon memes upon memes ... “Are you kidding? I’m going to eat him like a bag of Doritos after I smoke a bowl,” Corben quips, a direct gibe at Arriola’s backdoor.

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Kim Kardashian Could Return to Paris for Fashion Week 5 Months After Robbery, Source Says PEOPLE.com.

13 Secrets of Halloween Costume Designers
are fine to eat. The trick is to break each egg into a cup to check that it is OK—i.e., doesn’t smell—before adding it to whatever you're making. If the eggs are starting to go, then this is vital—you don’t want to ruin your mixture with a bad.

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