Unhealthy baby nails polished

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Is Your Nail Polish Toxic? - WebMD
Some nail polishes and other products used at salons and labeled toxin-free may have high levels of toxic chemicals, according to a new California report. "The labeling does not always reflect the ingredients," says scientist Valetti Lang, acting.

Safer Mani-Pedis: Steps You Can Take - ABC News
The report said that some nail polish manufacturers are making claims on their product labels to be free of the "toxic trio" of chemicals linked to cancer, asthma and birth defects, even though state testing of 25 products in some cases detected them.

Study finds toxic nail-polish chemicals in women's bodies - Fox News
The study found that women who painted their nails with nail products including triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) had a metabolite of the chemical in their bodies 10 to 14 hours later. Their levels of diphenyl phosphate (DPHP), which forms when the body&nbsp.

Wal-Mart Says Move to Label, Reduce Unhealthy Chemicals Affects 700 Manufacturers
The chemicals on Wal-Mart’s list also include: Toluene, a colorless liquid that is used in paint thinners, nail polish and fragrances Diethyl phthalate ... Target awards points to products for cleaning, beauty, baby-care and personal-care products.

10 Simple Tips That'll Take Your Nails From Dry & Peeling to Healthy & Shiny - SheKnows.com
It's kinda hard to keep things looking perfectly manicured when our nails are splitting and polished crackles right off moments after it dries. Not only that, when it a brittle nails breaks off, it can be pretty painful, too. If dry, peeling nails are.

Top 10 Best Gel Nail Polish Brands
Gel nail polish ... A thinner polish, you’re looking at two to three coats of color with this brand so just be aware of that. It has decent lasting power and will get you past the 14 day mark, but after that depends on how much you baby your hands.

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Stepmom Who Spiked Baby's Bottle With Nail Polish Remover Gets 10-Year Sentence
CAROL STREAM, IL — A woman convicted of pouring nail polish remover into her infant stepdaughter's milk because she wanted to "punish" her husband for an affair has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Andrea Vazquez-Hernandez, 37, of the 600 block of.

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As the hit TLC reality show is set to return, we took a look back at the last three seasons to rate what exactly were the strangest addictions on 'My Strange Addiction ... Instead she reaches for nail polish, drinking about 5 bottles every day.

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