Type 5 Stool Healthy And Unhealthy

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What the consistency of your poo says about your health
The faeces (or stools) we produce can provide a valuable real-time window into the health of your large bowel (or colon) and gastrointestinal tract. So let’s put those rules aside. Scientists research many odd topics ... are types 3, 4 and 5: sausage.

5 Reasons Cheese is Actually Good For Your Health
It's the research we've all been waiting for: five amazing health benefits of cheese, according to science. Say what? Cheese might actually be good for you? Old-school thinking is that cheese is unhealthy ... Here are 5 health benefits of cheese.

Max Bupa’s Junk The Junk raked 7.5 million impressions in 7 days
Max Bupa provided health/nutrition consultation to all its existing customers by Dr. Shikha Sharma. The consultation was followed by a detailed synopsis of the consumer’s health report and personalized diet consultation basis their body type. Anika.

What Your Poop Is Trying to Tell You
this is a perfectly healthy poopie. Type 4: The Venus de Milo of craps, this is the "ideal" texture of poop. It should be sausage-shaped, with a smooth, velvety surface and encased in mucus. Lovely. Type 5: This is a bit on the soft side, not quite.

5 Health Apps That Pay You Cash When You Exercise
Nothing motivates us kiasu peeps better than freebies, so if you’re tired of making little progress in the battle, here are 5 health apps that actually give ... Image credit: iTunes There are 3 different types of “games” available, each with a.

Easy Meal Plan to Keep You Healthy
Meal planning is one of the most important aspects of a healthy diet. When you have the ... so you will be able to prevent over-eating or unhealthy snacking between meals. There are good and bad types of protein, and overly fatty red meat is not highly.

Pet boost: How furry pals improve health
The intensity, duration and type of interaction determines the health outcomes, reported a multi-centric study ... saying pet ownership modestly lowers unhealthy blood fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides and increases survival after heart attacks.

'We took anorexia to Australia, and we brought Libby home'
While the recent spotlight on the perceived shortfalls of New Zealand's mental health system have often focused on depression ... The amount of food Libby was consuming started shrinking, and the type of food she ate grew more restrictive.

Amid obesity epidemic, Coke shifts 'health' focus from exercise to calories
Nowadays about 17 percent of children (one in six) in the United States are obese and therefore at a higher risk of chronic health conditions, including cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart ... has committed more than $35.5 million to its “Let’s Play.

Unhealthy breakfast cereals get five times the shelf space of healthy ones, study finds
A new study from the University of Ottawa has found that sugar-filled breakfast cereals aimed at children get centre stage in Canadian supermarkets over more healthy alternatives. The research concluded that unhealthy cereals got 5.3 times the shelf space.

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