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Got Potassium? Check the Label
If you're a close reader of nutrition labels ... and Blood Institute (NHLBI) -- have underscored the health benefits of potassium and the risks of not getting enough of this nutrient. Besides, the food industry has been criticized for adding too much.

100 Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Are Impossible to Shop For
We can't think of anything as deliciously festive as sweet, gooey carbs being mailed directly to ... And with the incredible health benefits of music, you're practically gifting them good health. Wine goes fast, but wine accessories can last forever.

Sweet Potato Festival expected to draw crowd to Darlington
This year's is the 35th annual Sweet Potato Festival. Flowers said sweet potatoes have many health benefits and are also grown in the Pee Dee. She said the festival was originally held to benefit local farmers. After the Sweet Potato Festival ends.

What Is Infinity?
Perhaps the earliest known example of a GMO is the sweet potato ... tobacco in China [PDF] and the Flavr-Savr tomato in the U.S., which was genetically altered to not get "squishy." (It's no longer on the market.) As to the health risks of GMO foods.

‘Dirty’ or Not, You Still Need to Eat Your Fruits and Veggies
One thing on which nutrition experts, the government and the EWG agree is that the health benefits of a diet rich in fruits ... which includes such good-for-you foods as sweet potatoes, avocados and grapefruit. Further, according to the EWG’s.

The New York Times
Recently a reader challenged Martha Rose Shulman, the Recipes for Health columnist ... a kugel with grated sweet potatoes and apples that I hope will find its way to some Thanksgiving tables. Here are the results of the kugel challenge.

The many benefits of sweet potato
Well, now we have even more reasons to indulge in this superfood. Besides being scrumptious, sweet potatoes have a wide range of health and beauty benefits we all would appreciate. Here are some of the reasons you should make this a regular staple in your.

A season for giving
The crops grown include corn, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, squash, cucumbers, peppers, traditional sweet potatoes and Stokes Purple ... “In addition to the obvious health benefits of providing fresh vegetables to those who might not otherwise be able.

Could you survive on just one food?
Still, even eating 3kg (6.6lbs) of potatoes a day would only get up to about two-thirds of the recommended amount for someone of Taylor's size. Potatoes also don't have the recommended amount of fat, and though Taylor included sweet potatoes, garnering him.

Ask the Food Doc: Health claims propel kombucha sales
Dear Reader: Alas, you are not too late -- kombucha is likely ... However, these properties depend on the mix of microbes, which varies between brands. Other suggested health benefits range from improved digestion to treatment of cancer and other diseases.

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