Sf 2817 Health Benefits Election Form

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Group Life Insurance program. Feds will be able to enroll in any FEGLI coverage, including Option C, family coverage. There are no health questions to answer and there's no need for a life event to elect coverage. ... If you're a current employee.

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When a married applicant elects less than full survivor benefits , a spousal consent form ( SF 2801-2 or SF 3107-2) must be submitted. The survivor election on the spousal consent must match the annuitant's election in Section F of the SF 2801 or Section.

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There are limited FEGLI open enrollment periods, because it covers all federal employees, regardless of their health . There is no medical ... To do so, complete the Life Insurance Election form ( SF 2817 ) and submit it to your human resources office.

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Submission for Review: Life Insurance Election, Standard Form (SF) 2817
Standard Form 2817 is used by federal employees and assignees (those who ... Office of Personnel Management. Title: Life Insurance Election. OMB Number: 3206-0230. Frequency: On occasion. Affected Public: Individuals or Households. Number of Respondents.

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