Salted Popcorn Health Benefits

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Low sodium salt undergoes a taste revolution and heads for commercialisation by Aim-listed company - City A.M.
SALT is heading for a new low sodium revolution: Aim-listed IP company Tekcapital will today announce successful test production and independent taste testing of its proprietary low-sodium salt product, µSalt. The taste test of traditional potato chips.

Is popcorn really a healthy alternative to crisps and other snacks?
Popcorn may be a whole grain but it often comes cooked in oil and covered in sugar, salt and flavourings ... But is popcorn really a healthy alternative to snack food staples such as crisps? Popcorn has its benefits. For starters, it is a whole grain.

Health Buzz: Woman Slathers Nacho Cheese on Doritos, Now in Hospital - U.S. News & World Report
Mom put nacho cheese on her Doritos. Three weeks later, she's still in the hospital. Sacramento Bee.

Health Buzz: Most of Your Salt Intake Is From Processed Foods - U.S. News & World Report
quot;Most notable is that although sodium added to food outside the home accounted for the majority of intake, sodium from salt added to food at the table accounted for 9.5% of total sodium intake for those from the Alabama site (455 mg/d)," according to.

Experts Look at Health Benefits of Ready-to-Eat Popcorn - NBC 7 San Diego
Smartfood Delight Sea Salt's large, plump kernels got “very good” marks for taste and “good” marks for nutrition. Best of the bunch is Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt popcorn . Testers give it excellent marks for its toasted-corn flavor and crispy.

11 of the Most Addictive Unhealthy Foods (and Why You Can’t Stop Eating Them)
There are a lot of reasons why you can’t stop eating less healthy foods, too ... 20 minutes of movie previews without devouring half of your popcorn in the process? It’s probably the salt. Research published in Physiology & Behavior once again.

What Is Maca and Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?
Turmeric, matcha, bone broth—when the healthy-food crowd decides it’s interested in a trendy food, you suddenly see it everywhere. Right now, maca is having a moment, popping up in everything from protein powders and snack bars to drinks and popcorn.

Alternatives to the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich - College Heights Herald
White or wheat, grape or strawberry jelly, more peanut butter and less jelly or no jelly at all. However you like your sandwich, there are even more ways to customize it than you may have realized that not only offer a fresh twist, but also several.

'Doritos are the sweepings of Satan': Oxford student's ranking of British crisp brands divides the web (so do you ... - Daily Mail
a 'S*** tier' for the very worst. For him, the crème de la crème is made up of Ready Salted Hula Hoops, Original Pom-Bears, Lightly Salted Kettle Chips, Original Pringles, Cool Original Doritos, and - most controversially - Lightly Salted.

Why Weet-Bix might be the best start to your day: From breads to cereals and kids' snacks, the supermarket foods rated the healthiest in Australia
Making consistently healthy choices at the supermarket can be fraught - especially as shelves are often heaving with products all proclaiming many and various benefits ... fact they're often loaded with sodium (salt). The judges chose Woolworths.

How To Make A Healthy Bento School Lunch Box - Huffington Post Australia
Hands up if your child's lunch box or schoolbag routinely comes home with a bruised (or squished) banana, slightly nibbled carrot or a half-eaten salad sandwich. Getting your child to eat healthy at school can be tough, but there's an easy way to.

Assault on salt... The hidden dangers in your so-called 'healthy' foods' -
It's got a healthy low-fat image as a sandwich filling and baked potato topper, and it's certainly lower in salt than hard cheese per 100g. But you'd normally only eat 30g Cheddar, which has 0.5g salt , whereas you're likely to eat a much bigger portion.

Is your 'healthy' popcorn really good for you? -
And while in theory air-popped popcorn is the healthiest , many manufacturers spray it with oil after popping to make seasonings stick, negating many of the supposed benefits . • Pizza Hut's hot dog pizza: the most outrageous pairing ever? Nutritionist.

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