Saffola Oats Benefits To Health

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Horlicks Oats Leverages Digital Medium to Educate Women On Healthy Food and Lifestyle - Adage India
Oats is a new but fast growing category. Some of the well known brands are fighting hard to capture the market share. These include PepsiCo, Horlicks, Saffola , Britannia and Kellogg's. As per several published reports, the overall consumption and.

Breakfast appeal with oats
With Quaker Oats, the market leader in oats, we're riding a health awareness trend across economic classes." Oats has several benefits: cholesterol ... Marico, whose brand Saffola offers regular and masala oats, and muesli. "Based on consumer observation.

Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Busts the Biggest Myths About Diet & Nutrition - NDTV
This is one of the biggest lies standing between you and a healthy lifestyle. Your body runs on a beautiful mechanism that knows how to detox by itself. It removes all the toxins as urine or fecal matter daily. You breathe out carbon-di-oxide, it's a.

Fast-food brands ride the health wave - Business Standard
Packaged food majors such as Kellogg, PepsiCo, and even Marico, maker of the Saffola brand of edible oils and oats , have driven home the point of having a good breakfast. The objective is tap the growing health -consciousness among consumers and.

Saffola Masala Oats Collaborates With Holachef - HungryForever (blog)
Recipe: Chicken Keema Palak Times of India.

Saffola Masala Oats shows new ways of snacking – the Chinese and Italian way - Best Media Info
Saffola Masala Oats recently launched a new campaign showcasing its unique range of chef's choice meals. Their new brand ambassador, celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor, who played an integral role in creating the breakfast cereal's Chinese and Italian.

Talking oats with PepsiCo's Deepika Warrier - afaqs
Competing with an 'aaloo ka paratha plus dahi' or 'ghee-soaked upma and poori-sabji' is no mean feat. The oats market is, however, tirelessly trying to make its place in (if not replace) the lavish Indian breakfast buffet. International brands.

8 Types Of ‘Swiss Army Produce’ To Keep You Healthy (And On Trend) In 2018
One trend she pointed out was health-conscious cooks looking for ingredients that multitask— that offer a multitude of benefits beyond taste and basic ... your daily diet with a breakfast dish like oats and kefir tossed with berries and toasted coconut.

We Spoke to Shilpa Shetty Kundra & Here Are 8 Secrets She Wants You To Know - NDTV
“I eat all the time but my food is wholesome and healthy . I am not someone who advocates dieting, I suggest healthy eating. So, I may opt for a meal or sometimes in the evening just enjoy a light broth or clear soup. I limit my carb intake in the.

6 Big Health Benefits of Oatmeal
Oatmeal might just be the most unassuming superfood out there. It’s less buzzy than other more trendy breakfast foods like Greek yogurt and chia pudding, but this seemingly plain morning meal actually boasts an abundance of health benefits. Here’s the.

Taking on the instant taste battle - Financial Express
As quick and convenient snacking becomes a part of one's lifestyle, many end up compromising on taste or health . The brand hopes to give its consumers both health and taste in a snack option. Funnily enough, the instant noodles category too seems to be.

Keeping up in the 'Oats' race: it is all about finding the right positioning - Best Media Info
Saffola Oats ' taste punch Saffola Oats which was also marketed with a healthy twist decided to add the flavour punch to its tagline. In 2010, it added Curry & Pepper Oats and Masala & Coriander Oats to cater especially to the Indian consumers. The.

Quaker Marks Oatober: A Month to Share the Many Health Benefits of Oats
From heart health and satiety, to digestive health and energy benefits, consumers will hear about the many ways oats nourish. These benefits include adding fiber (including the soluble fiber beta-glucan), vitamins and minerals to start the day.

Saffola Masala Oats asks consumers to adopt healthy yet tasty snacking options - Best Media Info
As the world increasingly becomes health conscious, brands, especially food products, are leaving no window untapped to hop on to any opportunity to lure new consumers. According to a recent Saffolalife study, about 42 per cent people eat unhealthy in.

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