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August 2016 Newsletter
Leafy greens, lettuces and herbs like coriander/cilantro and rocket/arugula. NEVER let them dry out ... Allicin is a sulfur-compound that provides many health benefits, including a role in lowering blood pressure. If you are making a dressing with garlic.

DIY Bitters for Digestive Health: Benefits, Tips and Uses -
There are five basic flavors that our tastebuds have been primed to identify: Sweet, sour, salty, umami and bitter. Our ability to sense these five flavors comes from receptors on our taste buds, sensory organs that are mostly on the tongue, but are.

Supermarket rocket salad healthier than homegrown -
A spokesman for the Leafy Salad Growers Association said: β€œ Rocket is a fantastic healthy and versatile product. The time it takes for packing and distributing the product to retailers ensures the leaves reach the shelves in optimum condition. Rocket is.

Aerojet Rocketdyne bringing 800 rocket jobs to Alabama -
What we know now about Aerojet Rocketdyne's 800 new jobs in Huntsville

Experts to look at heart benefits of herbs
There are no NIH-funded studies under way looking at the heart benefits of garlic, hawthorn or soy estrogens. The safety of these dietary supplements is another concern, Straus said. "These things may have health benefits ... Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon.

Delivering TASTE and HEALTH through Herbs and Spices Anthony Palmer A Passion for Flavour.
5 What are Herbs ... health benefits Many herbs and spices naturally contain antioxidants The MSI was established to advance the knowledge of the Health benefits of Spices & Herbs 58 Pork Tenderloins with a strawberry, tarragon and rocket salad.

The 100-metre diet: Think spring now to take your weedy lawn to foodie heaven - Ottawa Citizen
It was more than a decade ago that newly-minted locavores started buzzing about the 100-mile diet and its benefits for both our health and the earth. But a growing number of Ottawans like Conrad Melanson are going one better, turning lawns into.

Are Salads Actually Healthy or Just a Big Lettucey Lie? A Dietitian Weighs In - POPSUGAR Health and Fitness Australia
Salads tend to have a health halo around them, so we automatically assume they're good for us before we even look at their nutritional value. But are salads really that healthy ? Serious question, though. What's in your salad? What kind of toppings are.

Can hemp extract provide health benefits without getting you high? - The Verge
Is there a substance that gives us the health benefits of marijuana without getting us stoned? Some people think the answer lies in ... And they both come from the same plant , though CBD is mostly found in a different strain, called hemp. But compared.

From Rocket to Nut Roasts to Brussels Sprouts: A Look at Vegetarianism Throughout Time
They also consumed different kinds of wild herbs, grasses, and leaves: β€œRocket [a type of salad popular in England ... over the past couple of decades to research showing the health benefits of a plant-based diet. In the 1990s, doctors like John.

Anti-cancer nutrients in salad leaves increase during postharvest shelf life - Phys.Org
Cancer busting compounds increase in rocket postharvest Produce Business UK.

3 Tonic Herbs to Improve Our Quality of Life. ~ Brandon Gilbert
One of the keys to supporting radiant health is to identify and practice that which will foster benevolent cycles of health. It is not rocket science to say that ... ease and build our inner resources. Tonic herbs are one way to foster and aid benevolent.

Grow great grub – It's time to plant the first crop of summer edibles. - Joburg East Express
Good healthy soil will ensure good, healthy plants so this is probably the most important step you will take in growing your own vegetables. Apply BioGanic at planting ... Grow rocket just as easily from seed or seedlings in semi-shade. If you let them.

A Father's Guide to Help His Kids Eat Healthy - NDTV Food
The thumb rule for a breakfast meal is that it should be a perfect balance of perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fats. Make sure you pick healthy foods that fall under each of these categories. For instance, eggs and peanut butter.

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