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Trade Deadline: Fan Nightmares for Halloween -
It's October 31st, and the most thrilling holiday on the calendar -- the NFL trade deadline. Today is the last day for teams to swap players or draft picks, and potentially alter their roster significantly for many seasons to come. Anything can happen.

Obesity Was Rising as Ghana Embraced Fast Food. Then Came KFC. - New York Times
But KFC's expansion here comes as obesity and related health problems have been surging. Public health officials see fried chicken, french fries and pizza as spurring and intensifying a global obesity epidemic that has hit hard in Ghana — one of 73.

Then and now of 9 former Central Michigan standouts in NFL -
Central Michigan has some game when it comes to the NFL . The Chippewas, who host Toledo 3:30 p.m. Saturday for homecoming, have churned out some notable players. How about Antonio Brown? Remember Joe Staley? … To name a few. In that spirit, here's to.

Father is charged with murdering his 13-year-old son four years after he blamed his ex-wife for the boy's death in ... - Daily Mail
Dylan Redwine's father Mark arrested in connection with boy's 2012 death - The Denver Post The Denver Post.

Report: Beer Great for Heart Health
But new evidence from the American Dietetic Association (ADA) shows that beer has a great deal of nutrition and heart benefits as well, according to an article published in ADA Times. “Red wine enjoys a reputation for sophistication and health benefits.

Is alcohol really good for your heart? - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Association between clinically recorded alcohol consumption and initial presentation of 12 cardiovascular diseases ... The BMJ.

The Healthy Girl's Guide To Buying Wine
Here’s a breakdown of different types of eco-wines produced in the U.S., how they’re labeled, and what they mean for your health: There are two major ... And, while studies have shown that red-wine antioxidants, like resveratrol, can be a great part.

‘There’s nothing like Friday’
New head-injury studies raise skepticism about the game’s long-term health effects. The sport will once again ... their bodies through a round of half-field sprints. Their faces are red. Their breaths are heavy and heard. Before they go inside to peel.

Is Drinking Red Wine Actually Good for You?
Instead, it's a glass of red wine a day that may keep the doctor away. Studies show red wine may protect the heart and help control cholesterol levels, among other benefits ... is the fastest-growing fitness, health and happiness start-up.

Cheers! Red wine cuts diabetes risk in women: Moderate drinking found to reduce chance of the disease by 27% - Daily Mail
Women are less likely to develop diabetes when they indulge in a 'moderate' amount of red wine and dark chocolate. These guilty pleasures contain antioxidants which are thought to protect against diabetes. A study of more than 64,000 women found those.

Todd Marinovich, Football's Cautionary Tale, Is Playing Again at 48 - New York Times
In the decades since, Todd Marinovich has demonstrated more sides than a hexagon as he drifted in and out of the public eye: high school phenom, object of national fascination in college at Southern California, N.F.L. failure, surfing/skateboarding.

It’s True: Drinking Beer Can Make You Healthier
One thing you probably don’t concern yourself with is the potential health benefits of imbibing ... to hear that there are benefits of drinking beer. Drinking Beer Helps Keep Your Heart Strong Everyone knows that red wine is linked to heart health.

Deep in Trump Country, a Big Stake in Health Care - New York Times
In many rural areas, where economies are smaller and less diversified, the impact is magnified. Health care has long been an economic bedrock in Baxter County, with a population of 41,000. But its significance has grown since the Affordable Care Act.

Chocolate and red wine 'are the secret to beating wrinkles': Scientists find both help rejuvenate old cells - Daily Mail
Small molecule modulation of splicing factor expression is associated with rescue from cellular senescence | BMC ... BMC Cell Biology - BioMed Central.

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