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How can we, as humans, describe God's divine love? - The Republic
In a very real sense, God is love, but God is not love. God is love-essence, but our limited word ... While even our significantly limited love-experience of God can change our hearts and transform our minds, entering into the vast and all-consuming.

Why Scientists Can't Agree on Whether It's Unhealthy to Be Overweight - The Atlantic
Most researchers agree that it's unhealthy for the average person to be, say, 300 pounds. They don't really know why being very overweight is bad for you, but the thinking is that all those fat cells disrupt how the body produces and uses insulin.

'Healthiest hearts in the world' found - BBC News
These people eat monkeys and piranhas. They also have the lowest rates of heart disease ever measured. Washington Post.

Is Food Withdrawal a Real Thing? - US News Health
quot;When I felt withdrawal, I thought, 'Holy crap, it is an addiction," says Alex, a 40-something human resources professional in Northern California who requested her name be kept private to respect the guidelines of Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous.

The Science of Cooking Oils: Which Are Really the Healthiest? - Live Science
For Your Brain]. Replacing saturated fats with polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats is good for the heart because it decreases the levels of LDL (" bad ") cholesterol and as well as fats in the blood called triglycerides, both of which are risk.

How to Be Better at Stress - New York Times
They got a primer about the physical stress response and were told how a higher heart rate, faster breathing and internal jitters were all tools for making you strong during a stressful event. They were told how the body's ..... β€œIt's about stress and.

There's increasing evidence that healthy people don't need to worry about salt intake - Business Insider
The American Heart Association (AHA) recently published a study that found that the average American adult consumes 3,400 mg of sodium every day β€” well above the recommended limit of 2,300 mg, which is even lower (1,500 mg) for many people ... Most.

Unscrambling The Nutrition Science On Eggs - NPR
Historically, when humans have sought a reliable source of calories β€” particularly one that can be readily nabbed from an unsuspecting animal with minimal exertion and zero horticulture skills β€” we have often turned to eggs. We've pilfered the ova.

Coconut Oil Is Unhealthy According To The American Heart Association - Huffington Post Canada
Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease: A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association | Circulation Circulation - AHA Journals.

The Uninhabitable Earth - New York Magazine
Rising oceans are bad , in fact very bad ; but fleeing the coastline will not be enough. Indeed, absent a significant adjustment to how billions of humans conduct their lives, parts of the Earth will likely become close to uninhabitable, and other parts.

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