Poliquin Nutrition Myths Powerpoint

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Nutrition Myths You Need to Stop Believing
To leave you with some practical advice that will help you make better decisions about nutrition, here is the truth about six common myths: Myth #1: Eating foods that contain cholesterol, such as eggs, increases your blood cholesterol levels. Not true.

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The squat glute myth
Ok first off, a lot of those asses that I've seen are on women that don't look like they train at all. And second, it's actually a myth that squats are the be-all end-all of glute developers. If they were, then everyone who squatted properly, would develop.

The Myths of Calories, Part 1
“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Though highly debatable, the general premise of this well-known and oft quoted cliché is that it is hard to break old habits and learn new ones. The same principle also applies to ideas. We have a tendency to.

Nutrition Myths and it’s destruction
The idea that brown and white sugar have big differences is another common nutrition myth. Contrary to a widely believed nutrition myth, eggshell color has nothing to do with the quality, flavor, nutritive value, cooking characteristics, or shell thickness.

Debunking Myths About Foot Pronation
Foot pronation is a hot topic on running forums. This oft-discussed, seemingly crippling disability results when your foot rolls inward more than the standard 15 degrees as you take a step, causing your ankle to appear to bend in. It has long been linked.

Charles Poliquin fat loss foods
One of my friends, a fellow dietitian, alerted me to the Charles Poliquin website recently ... you can obtain online certification as a personal trainer (apparently with nutrition and supplement expertise despite no evidence of involvement of nutrition.

Two Myths About High-Protein Diets You Should Not Believe
Calvez, J., Poupin, N., et al. Protein Intake, Calcium Balance and Health Consequences. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2012. 66, 281-295. Martin, W., Armstrong, L., et al. Dietary Protein Intake and Renal Function. Nutrition and Metabolism.

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Five myths about beer
No wonder myths about beer’s past and present abound ... Barrels of English ale supplied hydration and nutrition to the Pilgrims as they sailed west in 1620. In the late 1700s, hops grew at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. When Gold Rush hopefuls.

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