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Adult breast milk drinkers aren’t just wasting their money – they’re endangering their health
But it’s also more worryingly been adopted by a growing online community of adults wanting to buy and consume expressed breast milk for its perceived health benefits – or due to sexual fetishes. Some online forums suggest cancer patients should drink.

From garlic to bananas, don't bin the skin: Eating fruit and vegetable peel could combat cancer
Drop the peeler — ­eating the skins of ... former president of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of ­Medicine, says: 'All fruit and vegetables have a "bio-synergy", which means the nutritional ­benefits of each part are reinforced by.

Ten best marijuana strains of February
CRAFT Collective in Berkeley expanded beyond its own award-winning, top-shelf strains, adding I.C. Collective’s phenomenal T.I.T.S. The strain name stands for “This is the sh*t” and is an early Cookies phenotype, Forum Cookies, crossed to Sour Diesel.

Diplomat bridges distance by deepening Panama-PHL partnership
With World Health Organization Regional Director for the Western Pacific ... regardless of the immediate benefit to their maritime students. It also benefits Panama [by] enrolling Filipino seafarers, as well as highly qualified seafarers, to maintain.

Enjoy grilled watermelon several ways this summer
Even better, watermelon has some research backing its potential health benefits. Watermelon is the best source ... two to three zucchini rounds, two pineapple chunks and three pieces of pepper on each of eight skewers, alternating the order.

Is Tren-X the Best Trenbolone Prohormone (Top 5 Brands Reviewed)
Like anabolic androgenic steroids, prohormones do have the potential to provide many of the same benefits. For example ... high quality Tren-X prohormone may involve searching bodybuilding forum board discussion groups and then reading comments regarding.

15 Things Women Do To Get Themselves Pregnant With Multiples
So, their risks really do outweigh the benefits ... pregnancy forums who claim this to be true, and other women who swear by this theory as well. Now, I am in no way saying that if a mom is currently pregnant to eat loads of pineapple (also anecdotal.

Viagra As A Pre-Workout Supplement. Is It Worth The Risk?
In your best interest, I'd say trading so many health risks for a better pump is definitely not worth it. I'd never want my arms to be pumped up and penis deflated. Please do not believe anything you read on bodybuilding forums and Instagram posts.

Hidden health benefits of celebrations
The festive season gets bad press when it comes to health — all that booze, fattening food and slumping in front of the gogglebox. But the reality is that celebrations can boost your wellbeing, especially if you were to follow a festive occasion's must.

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