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Cactus juice bristling with health potential
But that may change courtesy of prickly pear cactus juice, which is gleaning attention for its potential health benefits. BEYOND THE BRISTLES The prickly pear cactus, also known as nopal cactus, is one of more than a dozen varieties in the Opuntia genus in. Gives Consumers the Inside Track on Nopalea Juice
The website also discusses the benefits of Nopalea juice, a special product made from Nopal juice itself. Nopalea is produced and sold by a global health and wellness company called TriVita. The juice has been specially formulated to contain only pure.

TriVita to pay $3.5 million for deceptive claims about cactus juice product
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has settled with dietary supplement marketer TriVita over accusations that the company advertised its cactusbased drink, Nopalea, as providing health benefits such as relieving inflammation without evidence to support the.

100% Pure, Concentrated Prickly Pear Nectar from Arizona Cactus Ranch! An Excellent Source of Vitamins! - Arizona Daily Star
The nectar not only provides amazing benefits , but it also tastes good with its slightly sweet taste. Prickly pear nectar juice cactus foods are an excellent source of vitamins and chromium. The 100% USA-made product promotes good health and is.

Juice Bars Make Questionable Claims About Health Benefits - Miami New Times
And in July 2014, the firm that produced the cactus-based fruit drink Nopalea agreed to a $3.5 million settlement after the Federal Trade Commission claimed it had deceived consumers via spurious health -related claims, including pain relief, reduced.

6 juice and smoothie recipes with a Latin twist
The nopal cactus is a plant native to the mountains of Mexico. It has been used since ancient times as both a food and for its medicinal and health benefits. Papaya and Apple Juice: One of the main benefits of drinking papaya juice is that it is high in.

13 Questions to Ask Yourself About Marketing Claims to Help Avoid an FTC Enforcement Action - Lexology (registration)
Am I making a promise that the product is “Safe” when the safety research is actually shaky, and am I making health promises that the product cannot deliver? Dr. Joseph Mercola was ... TriVita, Inc. sold a 32-ounce bottle of a juice , called Noplea.

Powerful Anti-inflammatory Nutrients from the Nopal Cactus Fruit Now Available to Consumers - PR Web (press release)
Now consumers can enjoy the benefits of betalain-rich Nopal cactus fruit with Nopalea , the breakthrough, anti-inflammatory wellness drink that is getting rave reviews. People who have consistently taken Nopalea have reported a variety of health.

TriVita, an Established Industry Leader, is Expanding Worldwide, Empowering Others to Change Their Lives with their ... - PR Web (press release)
TriVita is expanding to the Asian and European markets with Nopalea , a powerful antioxidant super-fruit wellness drink based on the Nopal Cactus. For thousands of years, the people of the Sonoran Desert have tapped ... Nopalea is having a significant.

NOPALEA Mark Merely Descriptive of a Product Derived from Nopalea Cactus - In Re TriVita, Inc.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s (TTAB’s) decision that the trademark NOPALEA was descriptive of TriVita’s products, which contain juice from ... of the health benefits of this class.

Company To Refund Consumers $3.5M Because Cactus Juice Isn’t “Inflammation Relief Without A Prescription”
According to the FTC complaint, advertisements for the 32-ounce bottles of “prickly pear” fruit drink, which sold for up to $39.99 plus shipping and handling, tout the product as “inflammation relief without a prescription.” Infomercials hawking.

Arizona Cactus Ranch - Arizona Daily Star
The Arizona Cactus Ranch offers 100% pure, concentrated natural prickly pear pulp and juice with no sugar or preservatives added. An excellent source of Magnesium , Potassium and Chromium. These are minerals that balance our electrolytes and keep&nbsp.

Phony Health Claims About Cactus Juice Result in $3.5-Million FTC Settlement
TriVita Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ, will refund $3.5 million to consumers for marketing its cactus juice as a cure-all for pain ... Making false claims that the health benefits of Nopalea were proven by clinical studies. Failing to disclose that supposedly.

Latest detox craze? Cactus juice - Marie
Created by health eaterie Crussh, the detox drink is derived from the La Nopalea cactus, grown in the mountainous regions of Mexico. The spiky plant is renowned for its health benefits which cleanse the liver and colon. Packed with high levels of.

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