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Healing Stones Find New Roles - New York Times
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but semi-precious stones are catching up fast - not just in jewelry but increasingly in skin care, beauty and health treatments. ... But more exotic stones, apart from being more expensive, can offer physical.

Health Hazard Alert: Head-Banging May Hurt Your Brain - Discover Magazine (blog)
But until now, scientists really haven't studied the effects of head-banging since it first started back in 1968 with Led Zeppelin. According to Australian risk and safety researchers Declan Patton and Andrew McIntosh from the University of New South.

Broken Science - Reason
advances like CRISPR gene-editing being used to bring back extinct mammoths; lithium-air batteries that store 10 times more energy than conventional lithium- ion batteries; mitochondrial transfers that create healthy babies who have three genetic.

6 Ways to Achieve Eternal Happiness -- According to Science
Also worth noting: the researchers found sadness to be nowhere near as "infectious" as happiness. 2. Master a skill This one is kind of a tradeoff: a study published in a 2009 issue ... "The benefits of having good mental health, on the other hand, are.

From the State That Legalized Weed, Comes the World's Strongest Drug Test - Mashable
Then the compounds are ushered into a mass spectrometer, which blows them apart with ions and samples the colors of light emerging from their death throes. The colors ... In 2009 , he started looking for his next thing. He met .... All negative . Back in.

Opinion: It's time for Montreal to fluoridate its drinking water - Montreal Gazette
To combat this, dental experts have been pushing for introducing fluoride into the city water supply as a public health measure for decades. Organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.

The Real Reason Middle America Should Be Angry - Washington Monthly
The NFL isn't a charity. It's a legally sanctioned cartel that strictly limits the number of franchises in order to maximize the value of each. St. Louis simply was losing another round in the NFL's long-running game of profit-maximizing musical chairs.

Why build a new Falcons Stadium in Atlanta?
An April 2009 NFL Atlanta ... look at the negative effects, like “offsetting job losses,” which produce lower estimates on the “net impact on local economic development.” The “impact studies almost always fail to measure benefits in a form.

GM Is Fined Over Safety and Called a Lawbreaker - New York Times
Workers writing reports were encouraged to avoid using certain words and phrases with negative overtones, including “apocalyptic,” “dangerous,” “death trap, “potentially disfiguring,” “rolling sarcophagus,” and “Corvair-like,” as well as more benign.

The 15 Best Role Models in the NFL
There is plenty of negative press about ... a healthy salary as an NFL veteran, he started giving back to his community. The University of Maryland alumnus donated $4 million to the university's School of Public Health in order to create a Center for.

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