Natural Tips For Healthy Hair In Urdu

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12 Incredible Benefits of Buttermilk for Hair and Skin: Adding Chaas to Your Beauty Regime - NDTV
It's a shame that buttermilk doesn't get much attention in most other culinary traditions. However, we in India, have devised innumerable ways to make this cooling beverage a dedicated part of our diet. One of the most loved summer drinks of India.

Makeup Tips : Wanna know if your foundation game is tight? See these pointers
ALSO READ: How 'washing' your hair at the salon can kill you ... seamless Finally foundation application should have a seamless coverage meaning when using natural light and even when inside the house there should be no visible harsh lines, every bit.

Wonders Of Jojoba Oil For Skin, Hair - News18
Discard frizzy hair : A common problem in summers is frizzy hair . Jojoba oil softens your hair , locking the tresses against unwanted moisture and preventing frizzy hair . At the same time, it works as a natural replacement for essential moisture of the.

Blow-drying your hair is actually better than letting them dry naturally - SAMAA TV News Pakistan
Remember the golden rule, brushing wet hair leads to breakage and damage. If you really need to brush them while they're wet then use a serum, leave-in conditioner or a drop of hair oil before brushing. Apply the serum to the mid length and tips of.

Eternal Beauty from the Inside Out AKA How I Transformed my Bleach Damaged Hair
My hair is longer, stronger and so much softer. And I know it’s not just me seeing the difference, people are always asking on my Instagram how I manage to keep the bright colour without causing damage. Among the shopping list of tips I always give them.

How to remove upper lip hair naturally - Times of India
Recommended By Colombia. Take a look at these easy steps that you can try at home to get rid of unwanted upper lip hair . ... Channa dal flour when mixed with water and turmeric is a good ingredient to use to remove upper lip hair . -Make a scrub out of.

8 Genius Things Women With Amazing Natural Hair Always Do
Natural hair requires a ton of care, in part because it tends to be dry and delicate. The good news? It doesn’t have to stay that way for ever. Here are eight things your #hairgoals idols do that you can copy, too. 1. They’re strategic shoppers.

Gloss & Toss Hair Care Announces Holiday Gift Guide And Beauty Gift Giving Ideas For Healthy Hair
Lowe comes from a long history of sales and marketing leadership in the global health and beauty world and after years of life on the red carpet as a key hair stylist, Gloss & Toss Hair Care was the next natural ... year end beauty tips and ideas as.

Kanji: The Miracle Winter Drink You Should Have for a Healthy Gut - NDTV
Kanji making is the result of naturally occurring bacteria in the air and yeast found in the vegetable skin, which is why, it may be best not to scrape of the carrots. These work on the natural sugars in the carrots, which get pickled in turn, and can.

Want to Protect Skin, Hair From Holi Colours? Follow These Rules - News18
But with time, harsh chemicals and dyes have replaced these natural ingredients. To make sure that it doesn't damageyour skin or hair , here are some tips by a cosmetologist : * Stay hydrated drink water, juices and liquid. Dehydration causes your skin.

Home remedies for a luscious mane - The Express Tribune
LAHORE: Everyone wants to have great hair but few are willing to put in the effort required for it. Shiny, soft tresses don't just happen overnight. Your hair surely needs some TLC at least once in a while to continue looking its best. Having said that.

7 Amazing Prunes Benefits: The Dry Fruit You've Ignored for Too Long - NDTV
Prunes are basically plums that have been dried naturally in the sun without undergoing any fermentation process. “Over my career, I have tested numerous fruits, including figs, dates, strawberries and raisins, and none of them come anywhere close to&nbsp.

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