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The lost art of shaving
But is all this choice wasted on them? How many men know how to shave properly, let alone what to apply to their skin afterwards? Simon Geller, editor of Men's Health, says the problem with most men is that they stick with the products they've always used.

Winter skin care for men: Top 6 tips to avoid dryness
This post is exclusively for men, men who want to look handsome and retain a glowing skin even during the dry winter months. Take a look at these top 6 tips to avoid dryness ... hard and oily skin and daily shaving leads to an exfoliating effect on.

Check Your Belly Fat For Men's Health Week - Coach
For all the info on what makes belly fat so dangerous, as well as some tips on how to measure it and lose it, we spoke to Dr Luke James, medical director for health clinics at Bupa UK. ... “For men it shouldn't be any more than 94cm [37in],” says Dr James.

Seven things you didn't know – but really should – about shaving -
Says Jeff Raider: “The perfect razor blade is a 'gothic arch' shape that was perfected in sword-making techniques hundreds of years ago. It's exceptionally ... "Give your shave cream time to do its job—leave it on your face for two minutes before.

How Much Chest Hair Should You Expose? - Men's Health
It's a moment that you probably know all too well: You've decided to hit the beach at high noon. It's hot, sticky, and your t-shirt has somehow managed to plaster itself to your sweat-drenched skin. Needless to say, your upper body is in dire need of.

​Here's How You Should Fix Your Bad Eyebrows - Men's Health
Vucetaj walked us through the mistakes men make, and the disastrous consequences those mistakes can have. From ending up with arched ... The key to a proper trim: Brush your brows upward and cut just the very tips of the hairs. They'll sit better, grow.

"Why Do Men Smell Down There? How To Eliminate The Odor"
Don't get it twisted, it is women that smell down there, not men. funny enough, it is not the man's secretion that smell, but the skin surrounding it especially when they dont shave, the hair ... and dry undergarments. Nice Tips, but you can also get.

The Perfect Way to Shave Unwanted Body Hair - Men's Health
You might regret it as soon as you see the landing strip between your pecs. Instead, start on the margin, like around your collarbone where you might want the hair to fade out anyway. Another good chest tip : the more ripped your pectorals, the more.

How To Get Rid of Back Hair - Men's Health
Waxing beats out shaving because you'll stay hairless for up to four weeks after, whereas stubble can appear within hours after shaving . Even worse, back ... “ Men tend to complain more than women about the pain of waxing,” Tummala says. "We remind them&nbsp.

12 Tips For An Irritation Free Shave
In addition, this encourages the beard to spring out from the skin in preparation for the shave. Men tend to think that if they press harder, they'll get a closer shave. Modern razors are designed to work with relatively little pressure so if you want to.

​You Won't Believe John Cena's Daily Shaving Routine - Men's Health
For most guys, a morning routine including showering, shaving , hair-styling and getting dressed maybe clocks in at 20 minutes. But John Cena? We could probably get through the WWE superstar's Wikipedia page at least two times through before he finishes&nbsp.

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