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Ask Dr. Nandi: The health benefits of walking your dog
WXYZ) - If you’re a dog lover it may come as no surprise that you reap many health benefits. But what’s the motivating reason you love to walk your dog? You’d expect the answer to be physical exercise or social interactions. But taking your dog for.

Better Skin? Better Digestion? Are The Benefits Of Phytoplankton Legit?
All you do is add the green powder to your smoothie or take it in capsule form. As a health journalist, I'd love to see more scientific evidence on the benefits of phytoplankton. Karen Phytoplankton's site shows that they are undergoing a clinical trial to.

The scientific reason you love taking your dog on walks
Why getting enough shut-eye might strengthen your... The one thing Julianne Hough says people ... happiness levels, with health and social benefits playing second fiddle for motivation. And, if the owner thought their dog wasn’t enjoying the walk.

Yes, Cardio Alters Your Brain. Here's Why That's Important
The benefits of regular exercise are seemingly endless ... Here's what you need to know about how you can use exercise to protect your brain. These days, there's nothing you love more than a morning run and an afternoon yoga class. But what if you.

What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Making Love
Your immune system suffers Seems like having s*x provides some key benefits to our health, but when we’re not rolling around ... You’ll learn new coping skills I love finding the silver lining in all situations. I’m a pretty positive person, but.

Benefits of bitter leaf and scent leaf
Women love to eat scent leaves and they enjoy the benefits because ... Depending, on how you have this leaf processed and if it is done in the right way, then it will bring many benefits to your health. Bitter leaf contains a high level of vitamin A.

Love your kids? Eat right and exercise with them
Childhood obesity is the leading public health ... habits, your child is going to need rationales. Give him age-appropriate information on why physical activity and nutrition are important. Speak in terms he can understand about the benefits of action.

14 Things Women Who Love Working Out Are Sick of Hearing
Enjoying exercise because you enjoy how it affects the way your body looks is fine ... and for others exercise has some truly unbeatable mental health benefits. The fact that it makes you strong is, a lot of the time, a fun side effect.

CENTSABLE HEALTH: The versatility of mushrooms
Fareway Food Dietitian Caitlyn Ferin knows the nutritional benefits of mushrooms ... and the bran. CENTSABLE HEALTH: Healthy back-to-school lunches that your kids can make themselves CENTSABLE HEALTH: Healthy back-to-school lunches that your kids can.

The Real Reason You Love Walking Your Dog
Owning a dog and going on regular dog walks both have proven health benefits ... because humans and dogs both love them. “If you are struggling, set up a daily time for dog walking,” she says. “Your dog will thank you for it and you might.

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