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How a plate of curry can spice up your sex life
But turmeric is not the only curry ingredient with health-boosting compounds. New research shows there are ten key ingredients found in popular curries such as Madras, which have been linked to health benefits ... from the Murraya koenigii plant, are.

So THAT'S What Curry Is: The Difference Between The Spice, The Leaves And the Dish
We’re going to start with the basics: the leaves. Curry leaves are an herb cultivated from the curry leaf tree (Murraya koenigii) and are largely used in South Indian cuisine. Do not confuse them with curry powder, which is a mixture of ground spices.

Herbal remedies
Researchers from King's College in London have said that scientific tests on a range of herbal remedies have shown ... examined was the curry-leaf tree (Murraya koenigii) from India, which is reputed to have potential benefits in treating diabetes.

Curry Tree
Anyone knows where I can get hold of a curry tree. Murraya koenigii is the name. I realy want to get hold of such a tree to plant in my backyard. I am addicted to curry and heard that if you want to make a killer curry the trick is to add curry leaves.

Curry, Unhurried
A. In this case, good care and good food go hand and hand. Fresh leaves from the curry leaf tree, Murraya koenigii, impart a warm, citrusy flavor to many classic Indian stews. And pruning your plant to keep its size in bounds should provide a good supply.

Exotic fish recipes
Recipe 1 Fish in curry leaf paste Curry leaves are aromatic and flavourful leaves of plant scientifically called Murraya koenigii. They are known to have many health benefits. Ingredients 400g cat fish or small fish 2 cups fresh curry leaves 2 level tsp.

Study on antioxidant potential of Murraya koenigii leaves in Wistar rats.
The antioxidant activity of Murraya koenigii (L.) Spreng (Family: Rutaceae), leaves was investigated in male wistar rats. Potassium dichromate was used to induce oxidative stress. The traditional medical literature describes its potential role as a source.

Traditional herbal remedies fight disease
The studies - presented by a team of researchers from King's College, London - confirmed the benefits of common traditional remedies ... The first herbal to be examined was the curry-leaf tree (Murraya koenigii) from India, which is reputed to help diabetes.

Bio-pesticides use in curry leaf cultivation stressed
THE curry leaf plant, Murraya koenigii, known for its medicinal value and for its ... Needless to say that these chemicals are hazardous to health,'' he said and pointed out that the residual effect on the leaves, used afresh often contaminated the.

Who else loves curry leaves?
Watch out for Mr. Caterpillar Have you ever gone to pick a handful of curry leaves (Murraya koenigii) in the garden for your sambhar and thrown them away, seeing a caterpillar on them? Or wondered at the odd birds' dropping on certain leaves as you washed.

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