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How a plate of curry can spice up your sex life
But turmeric is not the only curry ingredient with health-boosting compounds. New research shows there are ten key ingredients found in popular curries such as Madras, which have been linked to health benefits ... from the Murraya koenigii plant, are.

Reversal of haloperidol-induced orofacial dyskinesia by Murraya koenigii leaves in experimental animals.
VCMs in rats are widely accepted as an animal model of OD. OBJECTIVE: To study the effect of Murraya koenigii L. (Rutaceae) leaves on haloperidol-induced OD. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Effect of alcohol extract of M. koenigii leaves (EEMK) and its alkaloid.

Herbal remedies
Researchers from King's College in London have said that scientific tests on a range of herbal remedies have shown ... examined was the curry-leaf tree (Murraya koenigii) from India, which is reputed to have potential benefits in treating diabetes.

Root awakening
Anna Khoo The spots on the leaves of your curry tree - its botanical name is Murraya koenigii - are caused by a tiny pest known as the Citrus Hindu Mite or Hindustan Citrus Mite. This pest also affects plant species from the genus Citrus.

Bio-pesticides use in curry leaf cultivation stressed
THE curry leaf plant, Murraya koenigii, known for its medicinal value and for its ... Needless to say that these chemicals are hazardous to health,'' he said and pointed out that the residual effect on the leaves, used afresh often contaminated the.

Exotic fish recipes
Recipe 1 Fish in curry leaf paste Curry leaves are aromatic and flavourful leaves of plant scientifically called Murraya koenigii. They are known to have many health benefits. Ingredients 400g cat fish or small fish 2 cups fresh curry leaves 2 level tsp.

Who else loves curry leaves?
Watch out for Mr. Caterpillar Have you ever gone to pick a handful of curry leaves (Murraya koenigii) in the garden for your sambhar and thrown them away, seeing a caterpillar on them? Or wondered at the odd birds' dropping on certain leaves as you washed.

On page 83 there is an entry for curry leaf, and it has an illustration on page 212. The botanical name of the leaf is chalcas koenigii (Murraya koenigii) and the family is rutaceae.” And then a final word from our favorite Indian cookbook author.

Well-being Q&A: Stomach fat and appendicitis
Take an expert opinion from your surgeon. You may try the home remedies mentioned below: Consume a teaspoon of ground curry leaves (Murraya Koenigii) mixed with water or buttermilk every day. Take two pinches of dried ginger powder mixed with ½ teaspoon.

CBP U S Customs and Border Protection : Pests found in luggage do not curry favor
CBP seized over 5.5 ounces of fresh curry leaves (Murraya koenigii) from a traveler arriving from Vietnam. Curry leaf is a restricted item because it is known to harbor pests associated with citrus diseases. The traveler declared carrying fish in her.

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