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One Frightening Statistic on Small Business Health Insurance
Source: Created from data from the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Employer Health Benefits 2011 Annual Survey In the figure above ... From Small Business Trends One Frightening Statistic on Small Business Health Insurance Read more posts on Small Business.

United States: The Emerging Contours Of The Rules Governing Wellness Programs - Mondaq News Alerts
1 The Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research & Educational Trust, Employer Health Benefits 2014 Annual Survey 6 (2014) (51 percent of firms with 200 workers or more offer incentives for employees to complete health risk assessments; and 36.

Like bikinis, HMOs can be too skimpy - USA TODAY
Driven by consumer and employer demand for lower-cost plans, insurers are already rolling out narrow network policies that have shaved premiums 10% or more. A recent survey by benefit firm Mercer found that 23% of large firms offered such plans in 2012.

Costs rise for employer-provided health benefits, survey finds
Nor is there much evidence that many employers are dropping coverage — 57% of firms with at least three employees offered health benefits in 2013, according to the report by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation ... and 2011, when 60% of employers.

I'm busier than you are - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
As for multitasking, one 2012 survey found that 38 million Americans shop on their smartphones while sitting on the toilet. And another found ... The Kaiser Family Foundation says that health -care premiums increased 97 percent between 2002 and 2012.

Chevron's tense relations with Richmond - San Francisco Chronicle
Roughly 30 out of every 10,000 children in Richmond require hospitization for the respiratory illness, according to a 2011 Kaiser Family Foundation study. ... So did the Ford plant. The Chevron refinery, in contrast, kept growing. Capable of processing.

Health premiums more than new car
Premiums for employer-provided health insurance jumped 8-9 percent in 2011, passing $15,000 for family coverage — which is more than the cost of a Ford Fiesta ... to the annual Kaiser Family Foundation's Employer Health Benefits survey.

Workers' health insurance premiums rise modestly, but deductibles jump lot more - CNBC
Americans' out-of-pocket healthcare costs are skyrocketing Business Insider.

How Scientific Is Modern Medicine Really? - Huffington Post (blog)
Despite the truly massive amounts of money that doctors, hospitals and drug companies are effectively extracting from patients, employers , insurance companies and governments, we are certainly not getting our money's worth. Even when there ... it in a.

The biggest problem Obamacare didn't fix - Yahoo Finance
Like workers who are underemployed—holding a job but for less pay or fewer hours than they'd like—the plight of the underinsured is often overlooked by policymakers, employers and public health advocates; they have insurance , after all, which means&nbsp.

For truly affordable health care, embrace single-payer - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Concerns aren't only with those covered by the ACA. Others like myself who have employer -provided health insurance are also facing uncertainties about their health insurance with increases in premiums outpacing earnings and inflation and deductibles&nbsp.

Why Employer Healthcare Costs Are Rising for Employees
Employer healthcare costs are rising. Since employers can’t often ... 11% and overall inflation increased by 6%, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2016 Employer Health Benefits Survey. (See also Health Care Premiums Rise Faster Than Wages.

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