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Could taking probiotics help the post-baby blues? New study reveals taking a live bacteria tablet during pregnancy could HALVE a mother's risk of post-natal depression
Probiotics are live 'friendly bacteria' that when consumed in adequate amounts provide health benefits to most ... including cultured yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso soup, kimchi and kombucha tea. According to the study's lead author, Dr Rebecca.

Metagenomic study links microbes to flavors in kefir
Such a deep understanding of microbial behavior during fermentation could point to new ways to improve kefir. Food scientists might be able to optimize production, customize the flavor, or improve the health benefits ... The new study has already led.

Anticancer Properties of The Probiotic Kefir: A Review
Kefir, a probiotic mixture of kefir grains mixed with raw milk or water that has various health benefits, may also have anticancer properties, a study published in Medical Oncology has shown. Probiotics, in particular lactic acid bacteria (LAB), are.

Dr. Perricone's No. 10 Superfood: Yogurt and Kefir
The authors of a 2003 study at the ... Due to its health-promoting properties, kefir was once considered a gift from the gods. Fortunately it is being rediscovered and recognized for its many health and beauty benefits. Kefir can best be described as.

Kefir Industry Share, Supply and Consumption 2017 Global Analysis and Forecast to 2025
WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On - “Kefir Industry Share,Supply and Consumption 2017 Global Analysis and Forecast to 2025 ... popular due to its results in the health benefits among the consumers. In recent years fermented.

8 Fermented Foods to Boost Digestion and Health
Studies have shown that kefir may come with many benefits, affecting everything from digestion to inflammation to bone health. In one small study, kefir was shown to improve the digestion of lactose in 15 people with lactose intolerance. Those who are.

Global Kefir Market Expand CAGR 5.9% Between 2017 and 2025
The micro-organisms present in kefir are non-pathogenic bacteria especially lactobacillus and yeasts Kefir is becoming increasingly popular due to its results in the health benefits among the ... provides an exhaustive study of the Kefir market along.

Kefir's good but may not merit a halo
A tangy, sour, fermented milk drink may not sound like a likely candidate to move from health food stores to mainstream supermarkets, but that's exactly what kefir has done. The beverage is steadily gaining fans convinced of the health benefits.

Kefir: A natural probiotic with vitamins, minerals, and proteins
Kefir was first documented as a health supplement in the 1880s, but in the last decade it has gained worldwide attention. Kefir is generally included in the category of natural probiotics, with the added benefits ... In a randomized study, 15 healthy.

Health issue brewing? 'Kefir beer' may someday help
A craft beer made with ingredients from kefir — a fermented milk drink that resembles yogurt— may sound a little gross. But drinking it could bring health benefits, a new study done in rats suggests. Moreover, the researchers in Brazil found that the.

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