Horlicks Oats Benefits Health

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'Oats have health benefits'
and cancer to promoting gastrointestinal health. She said beyond the benefits fromtheir whole grain content, research focused specifically on oats shows that they be be associated with reduced risk of CVD, lowered blood sugar levels, improvements in.

Breakfast appeal with oats
With Quaker Oats, the market leader in oats, we're riding a health awareness trend across economic classes." Oats has several benefits: cholesterol ... whose brand, Horlicks, has launched an oats range in three Indian savoury flavours, in the south.

Indian oats story to change into a wholesome breakfast
GSK for its Horlicks oats brand tried a very unique strategy ... "Oats has become the aloe vera of the food category. Although it has proven health benefits it is still 'foreign' to our food culture and lesser known by the masses and hence more attractive.

Battle of the oats
This time around, it is the battle of the oats. It is over 15 years ... It emphasised the healthy nature of oats, and how it would help battle a stressful life. In 2011, Horlicks, one of the country's best known brands of health beverages, launched.

Here's what Horlicks is doing to succeed
With Horlicks Oats, the company is going after low-hanging fruit ... The company will go beyond harping on heart benefits (similar to rivals), and focus on other health benefits like managing blood pressure and weight management. Communication will.

8 Types Of ‘Swiss Army Produce’ To Keep You Healthy (And On Trend) In 2018
One trend she pointed out was health-conscious cooks looking for ingredients that multitask— that offer a multitude of benefits beyond taste and basic ... your daily diet with a breakfast dish like oats and kefir tossed with berries and toasted coconut.

These gluten-free muffins boost brain health
You can now get chia parfaits and overnight oats delivered ... It’s brain-boosting benefits are three-fold: First, the fiber in the polenta and psyllium husks gets everything off to a great start. “Fiber is great for brain health indirectly because.

Stretching the Horlicks core
Despite commanding more than 70 per cent in the malted health drinks market, with its basket of brands - Boost, Maltova, Horlicks and ... cent of total sales in the oats category. The company will go beyond harping on heart benefits (similar to rivals.

8 Inexpensive Plant-Based Foods That Pack a Surprising Amount of Health Benefits
Ready to know more about nutritious staple foods that can benefit your health and your wallet? Here are 8 foods to put in your cart on your next shopping trip: Oats are a staple for ... t mean it’s not rich in health benefits. Romaine lettuce is packed.

Recipe for Pumpkin Oats Porridge and why oats make a good breakfast option
Adding sugar to make porridge oats or too much honey or dried fruit only adds to the carbs. Combining it with fibre rich or protein rich ingredient such as seeds, nuts or nut butters (in small quantities), yogurt etc. boosts the health quotient of the recipe.

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