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Whole Foods Market celebrates National Cookie Day with a sweet deal at the cookie bar - Whole Foods Market ... Whole Foods Market Newsroom.

Garden Variety: Cleaning houseplants and other tips for winter care - Lawrence Journal World
To clean houseplants, start by removing dead or damaged leaves and stems as they may be diseased and provide a source of inoculum for the rest of the plant . Spring is a better time to heavily prune or re-pot plants , but light pruning to remove.

To Ensure Food Security, Keep Soils Healthy - World Policy Institute (blog)
Accompanying these initiatives is the promotion of scientifically proven soil health -building practices including conservation agriculture, mulching, reduced tillage, and cover cropping. Their adoption could prevent, or even reverse, widespread soil.

Healthy holidays: Strategies to help enjoy celebratory foods - Scope (blog)
This means they'd need to walk between 20-35 miles (approximately a marathon) to burn off the extra calories. Most people are not going to do this for one meal, much less an entire holiday season of overeating! It's better to have a plan for healthy.

10 Foodie Influencers Keeping It Real By Amy Heydenrych
Not plant based, founded by Laura ... in which blogger Bella Younger posts an array of unhealthy clean-eating styled snacks, such as Lindor eggs on avocado toast! (deliciouslystella) However, not all healthy eating is restrictive and judgemental.

Over 19000 studies confirm coffee is healthy - Cassville Democrat
In year's past, coffee was classified as an ' unhealthy ' beverage. But, over 19,000 different coffee studies in recent decades have helped to change the perception of this drink, according to Dr. Pam Duitsman, nutrition and health education specialist.

Robert Wheat: 'We must show ourselves doers of the Word' - Baptist Standard
What are the key issues—opportunities and/ or challenges—facing Baptist churches? Identity: the lack of church context influencing our culture these days and the rise of a non-moral compass means the church is losing its relevance. Add to that.

Paleo Diet: Back to the Stone Age? - Lancaster Farming
following the eating patterns of our ancestors who lived during the paleolithic era or Stone Age. According to an August 2017 Mayo Clinic healthy lifestyle article, “a paleo diet is a dietary plan based on foods similar to what might have been.

FITNESS: 5 Top Tips to Build More Vegan Muscle - Plant Based News
But what does consistent mean? It means you need to be in the gym or do some form of exercise at least five days a week. You also need to follow a strict diet avoiding processed and unhealthy food at least six days a week. If you keep to that routine.

This just in: potatoes are not unhealthy
In the two decades I've been writing about food and health, one piece of diet advice has remained consistent: Eat more whole plant foods ... and few additional studies have compared satiety of potatoes vs. satiety of other foods (and some have been.

Food trends for 2017
If I had to summarise the overall theme for food trends next year, I would say: plant proteins ... We know that healthy fats such as omega-3s and monounsaturated fats promote brain and heart health. Even fats we once viewed as unhealthy, such as saturated.

The Hypocritical Diet of the Hipster
The plant-based diet alone can help counteract other unhealthy habits – like beer consumption, says David Leal , a nutritionist with the Texas A&M Health Science Center . “Fruits and vegetables are wonderful for us,” he says. “A lot of people.

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