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Skipping breakfast tied to higher risk of hardening in arteries - Reuters
Those who skip breakfast twice as likely to develop hardened arteries, study says Daily Sabah.

Tom Brady, who wrote the athlete's 'bible' on living healthy, is promoting products from a candy startup
Brady's own strict diet and lifestyle ... healthy, or at least, they are healthier than typical chocolates and candies. Brady is an investor in Unreal, a startup founded by a teenager and his father when they set out looking for ways to make candy less.

Discovery Vitality checks SA's obesity - Longevity LIVE
It is imperative to educate individuals on the consequences of being overweight and provide them with ideas on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle . It would be ideal to aim these programmes at ... With food purchasing, the ratio of healthy to unhealthy.

Our calculator will guess how many healthy years of life you have left - The Conversation US
This is quite a startling revelation, not only because of the significant difference in healthy life expectancy between these two individuals, but also because this difference is driven by lifestyle choices within the individual's control. So what.

Offering kids healthy snacks at junior sport promote healthy habits - Swinburne University of Technology
At the same time, there is a decrease in the consumption of unhealthy foods like ice-cream and cake. Associate Professor ... “Modelling healthy eating and lifestyle behaviours as both a coach and a carer can make a big difference” explains Professor.

Follow your heart and keep it healthy - Khaleej Times
quot;Dubai is home to a lot of people working under stressful conditions, leading unhealthy lifestyles by eating unhealthy food high in fat and cholesterol and eating at wrong times. "Cardiac conditions are on the rise today even among the younger population.

Curb cost of healthy food for children's sake‚ say nutritionists - Times LIVE
Reporting their findings in the South African Journal of Child Health‚ they said another barrier to healthy food choices was the school tuck shop. “Almost all of the mothers agreed that tuck shops and informal vendors sell predominantly unhealthy food.

Your chance to embrace a healthy lifestyle -
Doctors attribute it to unhealthy lifestyles , as well as the high prevalence of diabetes, obesity, hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia. As a step towards helping to reduce the prevalence of lifestyle diseases and to introduce a culture of fitness.

Our Calculator Will Guess How Many Healthy Years of Life You Have Left
Two factors that are not lifestyle-related are age and gender ... We developed a free online tool that lets you calculate healthy, unhealthy and total life expectancy. This is work in progress. This is the first time such a measurement tool has been.

Simple Ways to Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Break bad habits. Whatever their nature ... To discover more ways to make healthy lifestyle choices, visit

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