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All is not running business as usual in the bitcoin realm. The digital currency that has been around for nearly a decade has struggled to gain major traction in the mainstream industry outside of finance. Just last week, we reported on investors.

How Exercise Can Benefit Your Brain -
The researchers also found that “multicomponent” programs--which combine aerobic exercise and resistance training as recommended by the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines —were particularly effective in boosting brain health . Resistance training and&nbsp.

Tips for Avoiding Power Cord Problems -
“Buy a cord for your home, another for your office, and, maybe, a third one for your car ,” she says. Since you're not constantly moving them, each power cord will be less likely to get lost or damaged. You can spend less time packing cords and/or.

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One promising contender is Motiv, a smart ring that moves fitness tracking from your wrist to your finger. The 8mm-wide titanium band uses an optical heart rate sensor and an accelerometer to measure how many minutes you're active each day, how long.

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With tax season here, the Internal Revenue Service is warning consumers to be aware of scams that could target your money or identity. Though tax scams are a problem all year, consumers can be especially vulnerable as they complete their paperwork to&nbsp.

Precise Devices: Fitness Trackers Are More Accurate Than Ever -
Instead, our survey suggests—and experts we spoke with agree—that you should view trackers as one tool in a comprehensive effort to be more active, lose weight, and improve your health . (Find out whether counting your ZZZ's will improve your sleep.

Delta police use GPS darts to track fleeing vehicles, say they're first in Canada -
Eight Delta police vehicles have been equipped with GPS dart technology that allows officers to attach a tracking projectile onto a suspect vehicle that fails to stop. According to spokeswoman Sharlene Brooks, more than 70 vehicles tried to evade.

Ford Plans $14 Billion In Cost Cuts, Mostly From Materials
founder and chief food genius at the Food Literacy Center, wants children to enjoy the health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables and also gain confidence in the kitchen. Guide To 2017 Oktoberfest Events In SacramentoWillkommen! It's your Sacto guide.

5 Money Diaries From Teachers For World Teachers' Day
6 p.m. — We venture out to Publix to get food. My boyfriend has a large cooler, so we buy grapes, carrots, Oreos, bananas, pita chips, bottled iced coffee, and a 10-pound bag of ice. I want to put all hurricane-related expenses on my card so I can track.

No Strings Attached: Wireless Headphones That Do It All -
The hottest development in consumer electronics these days is as close as your ears. Headphone engineers are using some of the coolest cutting-edge technology to create portable earphones that are totally free of wires (finally!). They've designed some&nbsp.

7 Habits for a Healthy Heart
Here's what you need to know about heart health, along with some of the best ways to improve ... refined carbohydrates like bagels and pasta “the hidden sugar in the food supply” because they contain long chains of glucose that essentially act like.

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