General Health Tips For Teens

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Disease Prevention for Teens
Here are tips on dealing with teen dating, sexting, cyber bullying, mean girls, periods, bad breath, and more as health experts explain when and how to get help. Read more: Teen Drama: Handling Mean Girls, Cyber Bullying, and Sexting.

‘Alarmingly Low’ Number of Tips in AMBER Alert Case of Teen Allegedly with Ex-Teacher Who ‘Groomed’ Her
A Tennessee teen and the 50-year-old former ... the “alarmingly low” number of tips for the AMBER Alert. “They could be anywhere now,” Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesman Josh Devine tells PEOPLE on Friday. “We need the public to keep.

Parent's Guide to Teen Depression
With all this turmoil and uncertainty, it isn’t always easy to differentiate between depression and normal teenage growing pains. But teen depression goes beyond moodiness. It’s a serious health problem ... support they need. Tips for communicating.

21 Beauty Tips That Every Teen Should Know
With all this, you must protect your skin to retain its original health and glow ... Here are a few general things you can do to keep it soft and supple as they are the best beauty tips for teenagers. 1. Exfoliate! But use homemade exfoliators like.

Dr. Oz’s 7 Healthy Tips for Teens
Dr. Oz can help teens get the honest facts and truths about their health. From YOU: The Owner’s Manuel for Teens: A Guide to a Healthy Body and Happy Life. 1) Get 9 hours of sleep. As Dr. Oz notes, many teens are getting by on 7 hours or less.

5 Things To Know About Safety of Dietary Supplements for Children and Teens
Parents should be aware that many complementary health products, including dietary supplements and herbal medicines ... and parents should encourage their teenagers to do the same. For tips about talking with health care providers about complementary.

The Impact of Video Games
Impact of Video Games on Adolescents Tips on Managing Teen Media Consumption The Entertainment Software Rating Board References Today 97% of teens in the U.S. play video games, and sales of games are growing. The domestic video game industry brings in.

Parenting skills: Tips for raising teens
Helping an adolescent become a caring, independent and responsible adult is no small task. Understand the parenting skills you need to help guide your teen.By Mayo Clinic Staff Adolescence can be a confusing time of change for teens and parents alike.

Tips to Help Your Child With ADHD Behave
Whether your child with ADHD is young or a teen, you can show them you’re firm but fair (and ... Look for a support group, or see a mental health professional to help you deal with your emotions and reactions so you can be a more effective parent.

Tips for Teens with Diabetes: Be Active
Talk to local community leaders about making safe places for teens to be active. Offer to help fix up public playgrounds or sport fields. If you have type 2 diabetes, you need to: Eat healthy foods. Be active every day. Take your medicine. Check your blood.

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