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If You Eat This Food, You Can Reduce Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer by 17 Percent
Specifically, the report demonstrates that eating whole grains daily reduces the risk of colorectal cancer by a whopping 17 percent. This adds to previous scientific evidence that foods containing fiber decrease the risk of this particular cancer.

Rutgers holds Food Forward Conference to promote healthy eating on campus
It is garden salads for the Garden State this Thursday at the Food Forward Conference, a healthy eating initiative focused on plant-based eating, in conjunction with the University. The New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health (INFH), tasked.

Cook, and Love, Healthy Food Again with Cooking Light’s Jamie Vespa
RD has built a brand that celebrates the glory of healthy eats – not because you have to eat healthy, per se, but because the food itself is wonderfully delicious and you’ll actually want to eat what she shares with her audience. There’s no room for.

Paleo-friendly baby food line debuts: Is it healthy?
NEW YORK) — A Texas couple who claim their health was improved by following the paleo diet — eating the same foods as our ancestors — have created a line of paleo-inspired baby foods. Joe Carr, 36, and Serenity Heegel, 40, started their company.

Here’s the Problem with “Healthy” Junk Foods
Healthy chips and ice cream ... When it comes to “junk” food, Oliveira says she actually encourages clients to eat the original version in sensible portion sizes, rather than defecting to light alternatives. (“I actually eat Doritos all the time.

Active Fit: Healthy Tips for Packing School Lunches
It can be a challenge to pack healthy food that your child will eat. Begin planning a lunch menu by using guidelines set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA suggests the MyPlate method. Using a plate as a visual guide.

The best and worst foods for you at Trader Joe's
The chain is also on top of food trends and health news; be on the lookout for these 20 Weight-Loss Superfoods You’re Not Eating ... use this handy shopping guide to find the items that will keep you happy and healthy. Trader Joe's Nutrition per.

Healthy Food Doesn't Have to Suck
The rules of eating well aren’t complicated ... where he creates and prepares macro-perfect meals for anybody trying to look after their health and athletic performance. Ben talks about how the constraints of cooking for improved body composition.

Can You Teach Your Brain To Crave Healthy Food?
As much as we can try, healthy food doesn't taste like salty, sugary, fatty junk food. It just doesn't. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying with their pants on fire. If junk food tasted bad, then eating healthily would be a cinch. But what if we could.

Healthy Foods That Cost Under $5
Pasta is one of the most carbohydrate-dense foods, making it a great food to eat before big workouts and races ... it will help to reduce cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day, according to nutritionists.

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