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AI can detect Alzheimer's 10 years before symptoms show up Engadget.

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When your eye is healthy , a continuous bath of basal tears will cover and protect your cornea. This is the clear, dome-shaped outer surface of the eye over the pupil. 6 Every time you blink, these basal tears nourish the cells of the cornea. The second.

50 Hobbies For Men That Are Worth Taking Up
And we all know that feeling of mental screen burn: that slightly wired fuzziness behind the eyes ... hobby for men. The health benefits for this are obvious: fresh air, sunshine, light exercise and an unlimited source of vitamins and minerals.

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Timed correctly, deep brain stimulation can help people whose memory is lapsing. The treatment can restore the normal flow of "traffic patterns" in the brain, the study authors said. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a procedure that provides a mild.

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Lutein - An Important Nutrient for Eye and Brain Health .... When taking a supplement, keep in mind you may also need to increase your intake of vitamin K2, and keep an eye on your magnesium-to-calcium ratio, as all of these nutrients work in tandem.

Some practical tips to help your brain stay healthy - Chicago Sun-Times
Here are some eye -opening statistics about Alzheimer's disease in the U.S. in 2017, courtesy of the Alzheimer's Association. Someone develops Alzheimer's disease every 66 seconds. More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's. That number&nbsp.

Treadmills: Tips for using this versatile piece of exercise equipment - Harvard Health (blog)
I used to think of treadmills as the walk (or run) of shame. They were only used on rainy or cold days when I was desperate to get in my workout. But I have since wised up. Approached the right way, they can offer in-depth, all-around workouts beyond.

Best tips to improve your eyesight naturally, from what to eat to DIY exercises to more - Hindustan Times
It's time, however, to realise that eye health should not be neglected. Given the increasing workload of our eyes, it is essential to get timely check-ups for the entire family. This can help avoid serious problems such as presbyopia (difficulty to.

Childhood Chemo May Have Lasting Effects on Memory - WebMD
TUESDAY, June 20, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Childhood cancer survivors who had chemotherapy may have certain types of thinking and memory problems as young adults, a small study suggests. Belgian researchers assessed 31 young adults who had&nbsp.

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June 19, 2017 -- Peek into the typical American household after dinner and you'll find the occupants bathed in a faint bluish glow. As parents fire off late emails on their laptops or lie in bed with eyes fixed on e-readers, kids update their Snapchat.

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That said, certain foods in this overall scheme are particularly rich in healthful components like omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins , and antioxidants, which are known to support brain health . Incorporating many of these foods into a healthy diet on a.

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