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Govs. John Kasich and John Hickenlooper detail plan to shore up Obamacare, break health care stalemate
Currently, insurers offering plans on the ACA's exchanges must cover 10 "essential" benefits, including substance ... quickly GOP leaders will move forward on health care, which will be competing with tax reform and spending bills for lawmakers' attention.

Calendar’s Turn Brings New Congressional Approach To Health Reform
Why not hold hearings, as the Democrats did in the spring and summer of 2009 leading up to the adoption of the ACA, and hear what stakeholders and experts from across the political spectrum think needs to be done to fix health care. As September begins.

Baker to offer Senate suggestions on stabilizing health care markets
“The current debate in Washington about health care reform has destabilized the insurance market ... Enhanced flexibility through waivers around benefit design, essential benefit compliance, and budget neutrality, Baker writes, would allow states.

Essential Health Benefits Coalition
As you finalize the definition of the Essential Health Benefits (EHB) package, we want to emphasize our concerns regarding the affordability of coverage for small employers and individuals under the Affordable Care Act ... with the reform process all.

What Congress Should Do On Tax Reform Versus What It Likely Will
To continue the progress we have seen during the Trump presidency so far, it is essential that the president ... the idea that real tax reform is “easier” to accomplish than health-care reform is a ludicrous proposition. Analysts I talk to from.

Hickenlooper: Health care reform should be 'trans-partisan'
and offering essential health benefits such as doctors' services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care and prescription drug coverage. Once the marketplace is stabilized, the governors wrote, then Congress could move on to focus on cost-cutting.

Essential Health Benefits
DEFINITION of 'Essential Health Benefits ... benefit categories, which must be covered in health insurance plans offered to individuals or through the small-group market to employers with 50 or fewer employees, under the Patient Protection and Affordable.

Confusion over essential health benefits
It’s also possible to read it as shifting responsibility for defining the essential health benefits from the Secretary to the states. On that view, states would have to adhere to the same rules that govern the Secretary’s definition. Maternity care and.

Three cheers for eight governors on health-care reform
In a fog of dysfunction, acrimony and ignorance that surrounds the health-care “debate ... On the reform front that may please Republicans, the governors suggest allowing states more flexibility in choosing essential health benefits (EHB.

Kasich-Hickenlooper Health Care Reform Plan Is Drawing Bipartisan Praise
A new bipartisan health care reform proposal meant to stabilize the Affordable ... But it allows states more flexibility in covering essential benefits under federal law. Kasich says the plan is the result of true and real compromise in practice.

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