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Dannon sued over 'probiotic' yogurt claims
The lawsuit, filed in a Los Angeles federal court, said Dannon’s own studies failed to support its advertised claims that its Activia, Activia Light and DanActive were “clinically” and “scientifically” “proven” to have health benefits that.

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“What they were searching for six, seven years ago, was a kind of microencapsulation that would help preserve the strain to ensure it delivered the health benefit ,” Seybold said. “There was no health value if it ... Bush, who also serves as the.

Dannon drops 'exaggerated' health claims for Activia, DanActive
The Dannon Co. will yank "exaggerated" health claims about its Activia yogurt and DanActive dairy drink ... But Dannon says that consumers can get benefits from a type of good bacteria called probiotics found in both products. The settlement allows.

Hy-Vee at Midday: Do Good for Your Gut with Probiotics - KCRG
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- One of the more recent health crazes is adding more probiotic-rich foods into our diet… and for good reason. Probiotics help increase the amount of good bacteria in our gut flora, the space where millions of both good&nbsp.

Dannon announces Activia, first probiotic yogurt in U.S.
Probiotics, meaning "for life," are living microorganisms, which upon ingestion in sufficient quantities provide additional health benefits beyond basic nutrition. "Dannon is the first name in yogurt in the U.S., and in bringing Activia and its benefits to.

The Downside Of America's Yogurt Addiction - GOOD Magazine
In 2003, Dannon's Activia probiotic yogurt burst onto the scene with ads featuring a svelte Jamie Lee Curtis boasting about a new product that's scientifically proven to regulate digestion and boost immune systems. These ads resulted in massive sales.

Probiotics in Greek Yogurt vs. Activia: Which Is Better? - Newsmax
Activia contains three probiotic strains, according to Power of Probiotics. Two strains are required for all yogurts : L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus. The third, Bifidobacterium animalis, has been trademarked by Activia maker Dannon as “bifidus.

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In just over one year since the Dannon Pledge was announced, Dannon has successfully transformed how it's making yogurt and is pleased to announce its Dannon ® brand Whole Milk Yogurts and Plain Quarts as well as.

Most probiotic yogurts don't contain enough 'good' bacteria for additional benefits: study - CTV News
Lots of popular yogurts contain probiotics linked to all kinds of health benefits , but a new Canadian study finds that most of those products don't have anywhere near enough of the “healthy bacteria” to do much good. The new study by nutritional.

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Consumer awareness of probiotics has increased dramatically during the past decade — thanks in part to huge advertising campaigns from the likes of Danone's Activia (recall the deluge of Jamie Lee Curtis commercials) and other yogurt brands. Although&nbsp.

Dannon Settles Complaints Over Yogurt Ads
The U.S. unit of French food giant Danone S.A. agreed to settle state and federal investigations into alleged false advertising about the health benefits ... Dannon, a unit of French food and bottled waters company Danone, will drop claims that its Activia.

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The yogurt is still associated with the actress in some people's minds, even though she has not appeared in an Activia commercial in more than three years. Now, the Dannon brand is relaunching itself with a renewed focus on probiotics and a campaign&nbsp.

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Plenty of other food companies tout the probiotic benefits of their products. Most notably, Dannon Activia yogurt features the advantages of good bacteria prominently on labels, though the company settled a lawsuit in 2010 regarding the veracity of the.

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Our risk assessment, based on all the information available, indicates that as part of a normal healthy diet this low level of potential exposure is unlikely to be a risk to public health and there is no need for consumers to be concerned. Our advice.

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