Cutting Out Alcohol Benefits To Health

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Exercise May Cut Alcohol Health Risks
The current study is one of the first to examine whether an association exists between the health benefits of physical activity and the increased death risk associated with drinking alcohol. Using data from the annual, nationally representative Health.

Red wine IS good for cutting blood pressure (but you need to take out the alcohol)
The good news, for red wine lovers, is that it really can cut ... not the alcohol – are good for your heart health. Researchers in Spain say the alcohol weakens the ability of red wine to cut blood pressure, effectively cancelling out any benefits.

Ban the booze for a longer life: The key to avoiding illness is cutting out alcohol
said the improvements were 'certainly substantial' and that health bodies should be 'very interested' in the results. However, he believes more work needs to be done to establish the long-lasting effects of cutting out alcohol consumption. He said.

Ask a Doctor: Benefits of drinking alcohol
But in general, I believe it’s safe to say that four to five servings of alcohol spread out over the course of a week can offer important benefits to your heart. This column provides health information and is not intended to be medical advice or a.

Dry January Benefits: Alcohol-Free Month Is Healthful, But The Annual Trend Can Come With Risks, Too
abstaining from alcohol for a month has been touted as a way to lose weight, improve liver function and even reduce the risk of diabetes. Evidence of long-term health benefits from Dry January is scarce, but cutting out alcohol will likely do the body good.

Here's What Happened When I Cut Out Alcohol and Sweets for 40 Days
My goal: No alcohol or sweets for 31 days, which ultimately turned into 40 days (more on the surprising reason why later). From the peer pressure to cravings, here’s everything I learned from my adventure in abstinence. Cutting out alcohol and sweets is.

How much alcohol is OK? Balancing risks and benefits
Drinking, therefore, poses a greater threat to them overall than the benefits ... and an alcohol-related condition, it’s clear that cutting out drinking is the path you should take. These messages are a hard sell. In many other areas of health advice.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Not Offer Health Benefits: Study
Researchers reviewed 87 long-term studies on alcohol and death rates and found that there are "reasons to be skeptical" in terms of the benefits of alcohol ... included individuals cutting out alcohol due to health issues; they indicated that studies.

Cut out alcohol for a month to stave off illnesses, according to new study
Just cut out the booze for a month. That’s according to a new study which has found that adults who abstained from alcohol for a month saw benefits to their liver ... Prof Moore added public health bodies should be ‘very interested’ in the study.

Booze control: What are the real benefits of cutting back on alcohol
More research needs to be done to find out. “Dry January makes you healthier, so it tells you that alcohol’s bad for you — but if you do stop drinking, are there any long-term benefits? We don’t know,” he adds, “although you can probably infer.

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