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Without knowing which plants you are growing , I can only suggest that you search the Internet for a list of companion plants . For instance, companion plants for tomatoes are onions , cucumbers, and asparagus, whereas companion plants for melon are okra&nbsp.

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After removing tire rims, he filled the space with a rich soil mix, and then planted tomatoes encircled by the jumbo Walla Walla Sweet Onions . Atop tomato plant cages of reinforcing concrete mesh are 18-inch container pots filled with pink, white and.

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Ideally you can keep most garden pests away with simple growing techniques which have been used since ancient times. This is called companion planting and involves growing certain vegetables next to each other, such as marigolds with tomatoes and&nbsp.

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Companion planting is interdependent gardening that benefits plants and the soil in several ways. It attracts beneficial insects, many of which eat pest insects, thus preventing them from proliferating out of control. There are also plants that.

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“Even if you have land to grow a large garden, one advantage of growing a few edible plants in a small space or container close to the kitchen is that it makes it easier to pull together a fresh recipe,” said Patrice Powers-Barker, an extension.

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Try planting chives by carrots as a companion , as they may help your carrots grow larger. Sometimes chive clumps get too large and the center may die out. If so, divide the plant and select a healthy portion of the clump to replant. If you don't want.

Companion planting
Creating plant communities for mutual benefit is an old gardening tradition. Companion planting isn't just about pest control ... Leeks repel carrot fly and carrots repel onion fly and leek moth. Make sure companion plants are planted at the same time.

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Each spring, I grow legions of onions and shallots from seed, and my biggest challenge is keeping them weeded. Last year, I planted pinches of arugula between the short rows of shallots, and the leafy, fast- growing arugula smothered any weeds and.

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Summer is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means it's time to get out your picnic basket, pack something tasty, and go outside to enjoy all that nature has to offer. On June 18th, we're celebrating International Picnic Day because let's.

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Or use an alcohol-based sanitizer before eating and after using the bathroom. Pathogens can enter the system with a simple touch of your hand to your mouth, nose, eyes, or ears, so try to keep your hands off of yourself, and your companions , unless.

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In his book The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods: Proven Natural Remedies to Treat and Prevent More Than 80 Common Health Concerns, herb expert James Duke, Ph.D., recommends this allergy-fighting soup recipe. Boil an onion (with skin) and a clove of.

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