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Carotene-Rich Cantaloupe Keeps You Hydrated and Refreshed -
It is cantaloupe season! This is the time to eat lots of this delicious, juicy fruit while it's in its peak and reap the health benefits carotene. Melon season is from June to August, so there is plenty of time to eat lots of cantaloupes. Research.

Apple cider vinegar helps blood sugar, body fat, studies say - CNN
Apple cider vinegar has been touted as a cure-all for decades. I've seen claims that it can do everything from halt hiccups to whiten teeth, and even banish dandruff. Whether or not it's capable of all those things, there is some solid research to back.

Food for Life: Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds
According to a micronutrient research facility, people who ingest seeds and nuts regularly have a lower possibility of having heart ailments or diabetes mellitus. The health benefits of sunflower seeds are extensively documented by Taoist anti-aging.

Foods You Should Eat To Stop Hair Loss - Elite Daily
We wear it boldly, we color it, we twist it and we flaunt it, but unfortunately, sometimes we start losing it. Causes for hair loss can range from stress, lack of protein, genetics, anemia, chemotherapy and even over-styling. It can be temporary due to.

Cantaloupes: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts - Live Science
quot;One cup of cantaloupe contains only about 55 calories (due to its high water content) but offers over 100 percent of your daily needs for vitamin A, over 50 percent of the daily needs for vitamin C, 1.5 grams of fiber and is a good source of potassium.

4 Ways To Use Cantaloupe For Healthy Skin & Hair Recipes — PHOTOS - Bustle
Since healthy skin and hair has a direct link to the healthy foods going into our bods, I decided to spend a day crafting up cantaloupe recipes for topical applications that leave us feeling as good as we do when we eat the stuff. The inside of a.

Sen. Peters Highlights Benefits of Federal Investments in Scientific Research
Scientific research is the seed corn of innovation and new discoveries, and federal investments in research and development have led to discoveries that have had profound impacts on public health, safety, and our quality of life. "Federally-funded research.

How school gardens, food 'rescues' are helping Nevada's hungry - Las Vegas Sun
The Title I school — which staffers say is within a 'food desert' lacking market and restaurant options — uses the thriving green space to help kids connect with fresh food in ways that might impact the cycle of hunger and poor health . .... “Because.

Iowa City gardener grows bumper crop of life skills with 'Handcuffs to Hand Plows' - The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
His life skills classes focus on balance, patience, respect, resilience, nurturance, healthy choices, trust, humility and gratitude. Koepke said many of the teens at the detention center never have plucked a tomato off the vine and eaten it, gotten.

Get cantaloupe on your menu pronto! - Minneapolis Star Tribune
A cantaloupe is a muskmelon, but not all muskmelons are cantaloupes. The terms are often ... Once home, refrigerate the melon whole for up to 5 days and once it is cut, leave the seeds intact (they prevent the flesh from drying out). My grandfather.

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