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Dry Fruits Benefits: From Heart Health to Thyroid Control - NDTV Food
Most of us, in our school days, were told to munch on a handful of soaked almonds to improve our memory or eat a few dates for breakfast. Mothers and grandmothers would religiously soak, grind and blend a combination of dry fruits to be added to milk.

Creative and health issues made me leave Kapil Sharma's show, says Ali Asgar - Times of India
So I never felt of talking about it. If I was not here for The Drama Company launch this topic would have gone with me to my grave," said Ali Asgar. Ali also spoke about how creative differences and his health issues made him quit The Kapil Sharma Show.

Did You Know That Learning To Read In Adulthood Can Transform Your Brain?
Researchers recruited women in India, where the illiteracy rate is around 39%, to see what they could learn about the areas of the brain devoted to reading. At the start of the study, most of the women could not read a word of their mother tongue.

Brain Activity and Good Diet May Prevent Insomnia-Related Depression - NDTV Food
While lack of sleep is a major risk factor for depression, not everyone who tosses and turns at night becomes depressed. According to a study, individuals whose brains are more attuned to rewards may be protected from the negative mental health effects.

8 Impressive Benefits of Brahmi: The Medicinal Ayurvedic Herb - NDTV
Brahmi is a therapeutic herb commonly used as a memory enhancer, aphrodisiac and a health tonic. According to Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, Ayurvedic Expert, β€œBrahmi is excellent for improving your brain functions and strengthening your memory. It enhances the&nbsp.

6 tips to train your brain and memorize faster - Times of India
Asper Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, founder of Center for Brain Health shares, "Neglecting your cognitive health and allowing your brain to lose its mental edge with routine [life activities] rather than innovative thinking has unnecessary and deleterious&nbsp.

Parents, Take Note! Read Out Stories to Your Child to Give Their Brain a Boost - NDTV
As children we all have unforgettable memories linked with our parents or grandparents telling us bedtime stories of the world of fairy-tales, monsters and things unimaginable. Aren't those memories still vividly captivated in our mind? The act of.

Yoga May Prevent Memory Loss in Elderly Women,These 9 Memory Boosting Foods May Help Too - NDTV Food
The researchers wanted to examine if elderly long-term yoga practitioners had any differences in terms of brain structure compared with healthy elderly people who had never practiced yoga.For the study,they recruited a small group of female yoga&nbsp.

17-year-old brain-dead Bharatpur girl's organs save 4 lives - Times of India
quot;When we admitted her to the hospital, a team of doctors said she had sustained grave injuries and had minimal chances. An NGO named MFJCF Navjeevan Samooh and the doctors convinced us of donating her organs. After she was declared brain dead,&nbsp.

What is the Difference Between Turmeric and Curcumin? - NDTV
This beautiful, golden spice has had everyone talking - from health experts to scientists. The humble turmeric sits quietly in the corner of our kitchen and is often sprinkled on curries to impart a splash of bright yellow colour. A very popular curry.

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