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Retired coal miners and families could lose health care benefits - WSAZ-TV
After decades of dedication to the coal industry, Horton retired a little more than two years ago. He has not received one of those letters yet, but he anxiously checks the post office, hoping that day never comes. "We've fought for [ benefits ], we've.

Arthritis pills or dinner: With health benefits threatened, retired coal miners face impossible choices - STAT
Many of them aren't hopeful: They live check-to-check. Even those who qualify for Medicare cannot afford its copays without the benefits that were promised to them. So they are girding themselves for a retirement in which medical care is mostly out of.

Sept. 16: Take the middle road on tax reform. Plus other letters to the editor - The Globe and Mail
One way the Liberals could avoid a series of head-on collisions with small-business owners, farmers, medical professionals and other targeted groups is to raise the corporate tax rate. This would leave the present options in place, but widen the net to.

Retired Miners Lament Trump's Silence on Imperiled Health Plan - New York Times
Donald J. Trump made coal miners a central metaphor of his presidential campaign, promising to β€œput our miners back to work” and look after their interests in a way that the Obama administration did not. Now, three months into his presidency, comes a.

The State Pension Funding Crisis Will Likely Result In Pension Benefit Cuts (Article 5 Of 10)
The general standard for a pension plan is to maintain a funding level of 80% of 'actuarially accrued benefits'. That is, what the amount needs to be now in order to earn the remainder as investment earnings before retirement. Any level over 80% is good.

Cedric Grant to collect six-figure pension after retiring under cloud of controversy - WWL
Grant submitted his formal resignation letter to Mayor Mitch Landrieu Tuesday after citizens' fury overflowed at a hearing called by the City Council to investigate a weekend flood that left residents' homes and businesses waterlogged. It was the.

4 Ways I Embrace the Anxiety That Comes With Chronic Illness
This helps refocus my attention in a positive way, plus I continue to reap the benefits of these ... to worry about the potential health consequences. I have come to realize, however, especially after this recent illness, it requires more and more effort.

Letter: 'Obamacare failed me' - The Daily Courier
My husband retired early due to an injury and I lost my very good paying job with insurance and benefits , as a medical transcriptionist, when the government made all medical offices go to electronic medical records. I tried to get another job but since.

How Congress can be coal miners' lifeline - CNN
The letter informed him that unless the US Congress acted by the end of April, the health benefits that he earned as a retired coal miner, and that serve as an irreplaceable safety net for his family, would be terminated on May 1, 2017. John and his.

Doctors supporting proposed tax reforms to send Morneau open letter - The Globe and Mail
Doctors across Canada who support Finance Minister Bill Morneau's proposed tax reforms say they want their voices to be heard above the din of criticism from colleagues and medical societies. To make their point, they have ... "I don't believe it makes.

Senate Democrats Join Din of Retirement Cut Opposition -
The letter was released on Friday, just one day after a group of 10 Republican lawmakers urged House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., to leave federal employee retirement programs alone. The House Budget&nbsp.

This Severely Disabled Woman Says She's Being Denied Benefits Because She Is Too Unwell To Be Interviewed
has been denied Universal Credit because she is medically unable to attend an interview for the benefit, BuzzFeed News has learnt. Janet Cooper, 55, from Widnes in Cheshire, worked as a nurse before her health deteriorated. She is now housebound after her.

American Medical Association Slams Senate GOP Health Care Bill - HuffPost
estimate - Congressional Budget Office Congressional Budget Office.

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