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Local author and ice-cream lover outlines a tasty dairy-free existence
The result is her recent book “Cookies No Milk, Pizza No Cheese: An Ice Cream Lover’s Guide to Raising Children With Dairy Allergies,” which serves as something of an extension of the philosophy of responsible nutritional choices and overall wellness.

Frozen Dessert Innovations
Frozen desserts such as ice creams and fruit pops are American staples for both after-dinner treats and midday snacks. According to industry stats from Statistica, ice cream ... what's trending, with nutritional info and dietitian perspectives to help.

We asked a nutritionist how to enjoy Thanksgiving without worrying about weight gain, and she gave us these 11 tips
We turned to Lisa Sasson, a New York University nutrition professor who's helped us with healthy eating tips in the past. Here's your guide to making the healthiest ... heavy vegetables to the size of an ice cream scoop, leaving room for other nutrient.

Is Ben & Jerry's New Vegan Ice Cream Healthier Than Regular Ice Cream?
Vegans and the dairy-averse were thrilled when Ben & Jerry's announced Wednesday ... than their regular ice cream cousins? Yes...ish. Registered dietitian-nutritionist Karen Ansel, coauthor of The Calendar Diet: A Month by Month Guide to Losing Weight.

Tom Brady's nutrition guide (featuring avocado ice cream) can be yours for a low, low price of $200
You can purchase the guide online, through TB12, the New England Patriots quarterback's fitness and nutrition company. It'll run you a cool $200. But on the other hand, it show you the benefits of avocado ice cream: TB12 Nutrition Manual is a limited.

Genetics playing a growing role in intersection of nutrition and health
So they suffer with gas and other uncomfortable digestive problems after drinking milk or eating cheese or ice cream ... guide nutrition and food choices. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics wrote a position paper in 2014, published in the organization.

A Vegan Food Encyclopedia for Curious Omnivores
So here’s our guide to navigating an increasingly plant-based world ... Whip: Dessert topping, made by whipping and sweetening coconut cream. Found on top of vegan ice-cream sundaes and in canisters on store shelves. Before there were celebrity vegan.

2018 Leadership Awards: Citizenship: Sam Mogannam Bi-Rite Family of Businesses
A Grocer’s Guide to Shopping, Cooking, and Creating Community through Food.” 2012: Publishes “Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones: 90 Recipes for Making Your Own Ice Cream and Frozen Treats from Bi-Rite Creamery.” 2013: Opens Bi-Rite Divisadero.

This Thanksgiving, Why Not Thank a Pollinator?
Even some of the plants that cows eat (alfalfa and clover) to make milk, cheese, butter, ice cream ... nutrition and disease. Indeed, the formerly common rusty-patched bumble bee was added to the Endangered Species List earlier this year. America’s.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Low-Glycemic Diet
It’s often criticized for this reason (1 ... In fact, there are many unhealthy low-GI foods, such as ice cream (GI 36–62), chocolate (GI 49) and custard (GI 29–43). Another drawback is that the GI measures the effect of a single food on blood.

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