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A day in Guy’s life: Founding president employs frenetic schedule to run UTRGV
In between meetings he tries to sneak in a quick lunch, which despite efforts to maintain a healthy diet, he sometimes relies on fast food or protein shakes he keeps in his office fridge. His go to, if needed: Chick-fil-A. Bailey’s job, as he describes.

Students learn healthy food choices at Subway
Food Day represents a national effort to make sure everyone has access to healthy food. The dietitians met with families in Dalton, Cleveland and Chattanooga and gave tips to help them eat more healthy. Then youth visiting the restaurants got hands-on.

10 Life Hacks to Unlock Your Heart
I used to think that life hack articles were…well…kinda hack-y ... Are you feeding your body good, healthy foods or are you eating garbage? Are you moving your body, or are you sitting on the sofa and drinking soda all day? If you have a spiritual.

What is a healthy lifestyle and diet for Ayurveda?
Today, Dr Shashibala - Consultant with Moolchand Ayurveda Hospital, Moolchand Medcity - tells us about ayurveda's beliefs regarding the ideal healthy lifestyle and diet. Over to Dr Shashibala... "According to ayurveda there are three foundation pillars of.

Fitness Tips for Average Chicks: Hot take on hangovers
One of the most useful tips I’ve ... and having a healthy breakfast is essential. My biggest frustration with drinking in general is that if I’m drinking a lot, I feel the need to consume a ton of carbs and unhealthy food in order to prevent a hangover.

Dreaming of the Holidays? Healthy Travel Tips!
And, according to Newsweek, extensive journeys have hidden health dangers, so maintaining good health while traveling often requires special considerations discussed in this article. Here are some simple health issue tips and solutions to make your next.

A Dietitian Gives Foolproof Tips For Going Vegan and Getting Healthy
If you're thinking about going vegan but feel like you need some extra help, POPSUGAR gathered some expert tips from Julieanna ... healthful diet." Besides, you're much more likely to stick to this healthy way of living if you fully comprehend the vast.

Daily Skin-Healthy Tips: Fight acne with this common food product
Watch this space for another skin-healthy tip tomorrow Disclaimer: The above article is only a home remedy and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. Visit your doctor before you try any home remedy.

Vegan soul food: Chefs around DC are redefining a classic cuisine
“That’s the great thing about the time we’re living in,” Brown said “For vegans, you can find plenty of substitute products or ingredients that vegans use readily on the market.” At Kush, vegan barbecue rib tips, smoked collard greens and.

Expert’s tips for healthy meals can boost studying, work
family and school life can put a strain on day-to-day health needs. Kristin Thomas, founder of Thrive by Food and a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, has some tips to help fight anxiety and fatigue. Her biggest tip — think about the foods.

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