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Cancer from Radiation: Is Your Smartphone Really the Culprit? - NDTV
If you are terrified after reading studies claiming that cellphone radiation is a menacing health hazard and can even cause brain cancer, nothing could be further from the truth. According to health experts, radiations emitted from cellphones will not.

How to minimise health impact of haze - Yahoo! Singapore News (blog)
The National Environment Agency (NEA) issued these air pollution health warnings in Singapore after the air quality on 17 June 2013 reached an unhealthy reading of 155 on the Pollutants Standards Index (PSI, a 3-hour average). To find out the latest.

Spotlight on green news & views: NY Council votes for environmental justice; Al Gore optimistic - Daily Kos
The awards are financial prizes given to groups that provide practical assistance to organizations that promote renewable energy, cleaner air and sustainable transportation. So far, those awards have gone to 200 groups serving 80 million people. Gore.

5 Things That Helped Me Boost My Addiction Recovery
You’ll be surprised when you find that staying away from junk food for a while can make you feel so much ... Spring hadn’t yet sprung, and there was a cool bite in the air. I remember looking out the window of my parents’ bedroom after trying.

10 things not to replace once they're used up or broken - Treehugger
For food on the go, like kid snacks and school, you can try one of the food -grade silicone alternatives like these pouches from Kindeville. (People will complain about silicone, but I'd say there's a case to be made for swapping one silicone pouch for.

Is Food Irradiation The Future? - Food Safety News
around the topic of food irradiation, its process and its effects on food . But, with words like ionizing radiation, gamma rays, x-rays, and electron beam transfer, you're bound to get a quizzical look from the public here and there. ... While some.

Reviews: Best Air Purifier 2016-17 - NDTV
There is a range of companies manufacturing air purifiers these days, some of them would include, Panasonic, Honeywell, Phillips, Blueair, IQAir, Sharp, Breath Air , Daikin, Camfil and many more. You can choose one for yourself keeping in mind the.

Veggies and grains are becoming more like junk food, thanks to rising carbon emissions
But, as is often the case, climate change is making it worse. An altered atmosphere means altered food, because plants suck up CO2 from the air and turn it into sugars, Helena Bottemiller Evich points outin a new piece for Politico. That means we’re.

It's not just jet lag you need to worry about! A complete guide to how flying affects your health (and what you can ... - Daily Mail
It's great fun to fly off on holiday every now and then, but as any health professional will tell you, an airplane cabin is not a healthy environment. Any time in the sky, from a couple of hours to a whole day or more when crossing multiple time zones.

I tried to ignore Trump for a whole month. Here's what I learned.
It turns out that food-restricting diets — I'd just completed the notoriously ... Realization 2: Twitter is an unhealthy place to be for Tr*mpcationers — Chris Taylor (@FutureBoy) August 3, 2016 In retrospect, Trump was at his lowest ebb during the.

Review: Lloyd LAP20TC air purifier could have done with more cleaning power - Livemint
With indoor air purifiers , you can filter out pollutants like particulate matter, aldehydes, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ethers, esters, ketones, halogens and sulphur dioxide. Lloyd, a consumer electronics brand, has rolled out the LAP20TC air purifier.

Organic Food Offers Little More Than Peace of Mind, Critics Say - FOXNews
Alex Avery, director of research and education for the Hudson Institute's Center for Global Food Issues and author of “The Truth About Organics,” said there are several misconceptions about organic food that make people believe it is healthier and.

Ultimate Reflux-Friendly Road Snacks
Just as a comparison, bananas come in at about 5.0 on the pH scale while grapes are around 4.0. Popcorn: Homemade air-popped popcorn is a great snack ... stay fuller longer and reduce cravings for junk food on the road. Nuts: Nuts are a great go-to snack.

Bias, ignorance and reality in climate science - Washington Times
The rains have returned to California, and the six-year drought appears to be largely over. We have heard countless assertions from journalists and politicians, ignorant of the weather history of California and the other western states, that the.

Japan prepares for release of tritium from Fukushima plant - Phys.Org
Radioactive wild boars rampaging around Fukushima nuclear site | The Independent The Independent.

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