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But Gregor Reid, a researcher at Western University, wants Health Canada to add a fifth category to the country's Food Guide when it's updated: fermented foods. The professor of microbiology, immunology and surgery says that the probiotic microbes.

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We recently studied common supermarket probiotic yogourts to learn which could be the most effective for offering these additional benefits and targeting specific health conditions. Danone's Activia has the most research demonstrating beneficial.

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French dairy giant Danone launched a range of lactose-free yogurt under its Activia brand in the US. Activia Lactose Free Yogurt is available in black cherry, peach, strawberry and vanilla. Each cup contains billions of live and active probiotics.

Gut Instinct
Activia ... ads for their probiotic yogurt Actimel that say, "Actimel is scientifically proven, and you can see that proof for yourself on our Web site." The Actimel Web site reads: "The disclosure of these studies is restricted to Health Care.

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Plenty of other food companies tout the probiotic benefits of their products. Most notably, Dannon Activia yogurt features the advantages of good bacteria prominently on labels, though the company settled a lawsuit in 2010 regarding the veracity of the.

The Downside Of America's Yogurt Addiction - GOOD Magazine
In 2003, Dannon's Activia probiotic yogurt burst onto the scene with ads featuring a svelte Jamie Lee Curtis boasting about a new product that's scientifically proven to regulate digestion and boost immune systems. These ads resulted in massive sales.

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Middle-aged, overweight men aren't the only ones who should be worried about heart attacks. In fact, women under 55 are equally (or more!) likely to suffer from heart disease, according to a study published in the Journal of the … Read More&nbsp.

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Burke and Miller, from New Haven, VT, also brew and sell their own probiotic , using raw honey from their bee colony. They believe that a healthy dose of microbes contributes to their overall health . “Research seems to show that the health of the.

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Beneficial live bacteria that are introduced to the body have become increasingly popular as a way to improve gut health . But the benefits of products like Yakult and Activia yoghurts could spread much further than just promoting a healthy digestive.

Can Probiotics Help Your Diabetes?
You may have heard a lot of buzz in the past few years about probiotics. Probiotics are a ... “I would recommend sticking to a high-quality yogurt a day, which has been associated with other health benefits as well,” Pojednic says.

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