60 Cocoa Health Benefits

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‘Carpe Cocoa:’ Know the health benefits of chocolate
There are enormous health benefits and advantages yet to be learned from cocoa. The main chemical found in chocolate, theobromine, is used to treat high blood pressure. Cocoa butter is used as a coating for all pills. Even the cocoa shells are used for.

2 cups of cocoa a day might keep the Alzheimer’s away
A new study finds that people who drink two cups of cocoa a day have better blood flow ... you need something higher in cocoa). And if it gets too high in cocoa, it can get a bit too bitter. I use a 60% or 65% bar of Ghirardelli’s for much of my.

Dark chocolate offers winning health benefits
It is made from the fat of the cocoa bean and doesn't contain any actual cocoa. "When I talk about the health benefits of chocolate, it's primarily dark chocolate, to a lesser extent milk chocolate," he said. Humans are genetically programmed to eat.

Ditch the diet: Ten health benefits of chocolate and why you SHOULD eat it
“The team tested the memory and thinking skills of 60 older people before ... to eat a small quantity of high cocoa content dark chocolate each day.” Cocoa has been tested to see its benefits on more serious health issues too. Animals studies have.

Latin America Cocoa and Chocolate Market predicted to rise to USD 19.24 billion by 2021
While, chocolate is considered as “dark chocolate” if it has above 60% cocoa in it ... The cocoa liquor segment leads the cocoa market in 2016. Consumer awareness about health benefits of cocoa has led to some of the important innovations in the.

Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire to address declining cocoa prices
President Akufo-Addo was not happy that farmers in both countries, whose toil produced over 60 per cent of the worlds cocoa ... must not be the sole focus for increasing the processing of our cocoa. The health benefits of cocoa are enormous.

Cocoa offers ‘consistent’ benefits for heart health: Meta-analysis
Researchers led by Lee Hooper from the University of East Anglia also noted that cocoa’s “previously unreported promising effects on insulin”. The health benefits of polyphenols ... pressure by an average of 1.60 mmHg and mean arterial pressure.

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