5 tips to stay healthy on a plane

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14-11-2014 · Ingevoegde video · London to France on a PRIVATE PLANE for £61? ... Expert tips on how to stay healthy at 35,000ft. ... 5.) Buy air pressure.

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10-8-2015 · Airplane or Giant Germ-Mobile? 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Flying. Leah Ginsberg. ... 5. Watch out for spices ... but a surgical mask could help you stay.

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9-11-2011 · There was a time when jumping on a plane was a relatively easy thing to do ... "Tips For Healthy Flying." Medical News Today ... Health tips, wellness.

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30-1-2012 · Destination Guides Articles & Tips Local Getaways Trip Finder Back to Trip ... you can stay healthy on a plane. AARP ... Members save 5%-15% off the.

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Yet getting and staying hydrated before and during your flight is the best way to protect ... 5. Eat a healthy meal before you board. Last year LSG Sky Chefs, .

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Luckily, there are some easy ways to make a long flight infinitely more bearable. ... 5. Shell out for Premium Economy. Because, sadly, we don't always have the miles. A step up ... Trust us, staying awake for the 24 hours before the trip because you're sure it'll balance out once you arrive just doesn't work. ... Stay healthy.

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Tips; How To Stay Healthy on Your ... Taking a long-haul flight is perhaps not the ... People infected with colds and viruses can spread germs on the plane.

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